DIY Kids Halloween Spooky Prints

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With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to get your little ones' creative sparks going and make some fun Halloween decorations. There are so many unique and wonderful ideas when it comes to Halloween, and this handprint vampire design is really fun to make. These handprint vampires are the perfect decoration for hanging on the wall, in the window or even just placing nicely on the fridge, and they're sure to get your little ones' excited and ready for Halloween!

You Will Need:

o Washable Paint (black, tan and white)

o Foam board (Black and white)

o Red, white and black card or paper

o Scissors and glue

o Googly eyes and black marker pen

Vampire Print

Place a table cloth or paint cover over your chosen workspace before things start to get messy. Choose the foam board you want to use first; white foam board is great for using when you want to create a vampire. Then paint the bottom half of your child's hand with the tan paint, and the top half (your including your fingers) with the black paint. Have your child stamp their hand onto the white foam board and then let the paint dry. You now have the main part of your vampire in place!

Next, neatly draw two medium sized triangles onto the red card, this will be for your vampire's collar, and one large triangle onto the black card, as this will be the vampire's cape. Neatly cut out your triangles and position them onto the white foam board, ensuring that the paint is dry. Position the two red triangles with the point facing each other at the bottom of the handprint, and then position your black triangle below this to finish off your vampire's cape. Stick these down with glue once you are happy with where they are positioned.

Now you need to give your vampire a face. Neatly stick some googly eyes onto your vampire's face, and draw a mouth below with your black marker pen. If you wanted to add some extra detail, you could neatly cut two small triangles out of your white or red card to use as fangs hanging from your vampire's mouth!

Ghost Print

Place a table cloth or paint cover over your chosen workspace before things start to get messy.

Select some black foam board and position it neatly on the table in front of you. Paint your child's whole hand with white paint ensuring you cover all fingers and the middle part of your palm too. Stamp your child's hand onto the black foam board and after holding it in place for a few seconds you can then leave the paint to dry. This is the main body to your ghost which you will now decorate with additional detailing!

Now, neatly draw the letter U onto some white card and cut it out, leaving the middle of the U in place. This will be the main part to the ghost's body that will sit neatly under the other half of the body that you have just created. Now you have your ghost's body, neatly stick the card down onto the black foam board and ensure you're happy with the final ghost figure.

Next it's time to stick on your googly eyes and give your ghost a face. Using your black marker pen, draw a mouth for your ghost underneath your googly eyes. You could draw a happy, smiley ghost, or a small black circle to show that your ghost is in shock or spooked by something!

Now that you have your spooky Halloween handmade prints, you can hang them around the house and make it look really spooky! Hanging your spooky prints in the window would be great for when the trick or treaters come, as It might give them a little fright! You could even do a few prints and have them hanging above the doorways or even on the fridge! 


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