Three Ways to Let the Outdoors In: How to Bring Your Home Closer to Nature

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In an era where we're so caught up in technology and conveniences, it's easy to lose sight of the great outdoors.


Remember: green living isn't all about efficiency (although it's a definitely a plus) as the benefits of embracing nature as part of our daily lives are impossible to ignore:


· Increased mental clarity: those who regularly walk in nature have better memory and cognition versus their sedentary counterparts

· Reduced stress and anxiety: greens and trees are proven, natural stress-relievers that counteract modern disturbances

· Better well-being, as time spent outdoors directly correlates with improvements in mood and self-esteem


The question remains: how do we make nature and the great outdoors part of our daily lives?


By bringing it inside.


There are subtle ways that you can incorporate nature in your home design, all of which are cost-effective and provide peace of mind in regard to the environment. So, where do you start?


Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Undoubtedly, our sleeping space should be the starting point when it comes to bringing ourselves closer to nature. However, a common misconception regarding natural home improvement is that natural living is akin to minimalism.

Just because you want to bring yourself closer to nature doesn't mean that you have sleep on bamboo. In fact, investing in high quality bedroom furniture combined with the elements of nature perhaps represents the best of both worlds. For starters, you can give your bedroom a sanctuary vibe through the following elements:

· Natural light: rely on your windows to minimize artificial light and remove as many electronics from your bedroom as you can

· Stress-relieving plants such as jasmine, aloe and rosemary which can help calm your sleeping space

· Organic bedding can go a long way to in providing you comfort and peace of mind as you slumber

Likewise, these elements can be implemented throughout your entire home, from the living room to the kitchen and beyond.


Natural Décor

There's perhaps no better way to embrace nature within the home than by surrounding ourselves with it. Your decorations should serve as reminders of the great outdoors rather than simply knick knacks or novelties. For example, you can implement of combination of the following in your decorating:

· Wooden or cork flooring is a long-term investment that serves as a cost-effective, natural alternative to carpet

· From wooden picture frames to straw wreaths, let nature quite literally cover the walls of your home

· Often overlooked, stone décor can complement your kitchen or bathroom and compliment just about any color scheme in your home

Embracing natural décor requires some creativity to make work, but will ultimately make you feel better in the long-run.


Eco-Friendly Products

The positive impact of nature is often subtle; likewise, sometimes the smallest aspects of our home can have the biggest impact on our mood. For this reason, invest in eco-friendly home products including paints, detergents and chemical free cleaning products to ensure that you surround yourself with everything organic. Such products again represent a long-term investment in your home and well-being.



By filling your home with natural elements, you can ensure that you're never too far away from the great outdoors. Although turning your home into a fully natural space may take some time and creativity, it'll ultimately be worth it in the end.

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