How to Design Your Home Using Your Visible Pipes

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Visible Pipes at home office
Visible Pipes in bathroom
Visible Pipes in kitchen
Visible Pipes in living room
Visible Pipes in balcony
Visible Pipes at home office

Visible Pipes at home office

It's pretty apparent when you see something like plumbing pipes in your home, and for the most part you may feel as though these plumbing pipes serve no purpose at all for you and your home, and so we are here to give you some cool ideas on how to make those otherwise useless pipes into something that can be really useful and pretty in your home.


Pipes typically are latched onto walls in certain rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, but of course they could technically be anywhere in a home, especially if you are living in an older building. But the good news is that an industrial look is really popular in homes right now, and so if you have some extra pipes or just some pipes coming out of your walls you can use them for home improvement purposes.


One of the more common ways that we see people using pipes in their homes is in bookshelves, and if the pipes are the right way they can definitely make for really useful places to put books, and it just looks pretty trendy as well.


Also you don't necessarily have to put books on your shelves but you could also use pipes from your walls to be the support for other types of shelves, but just make sure you aren't putting too much pressure on the pipes just for safety.


Shelves are always going to be one of the main things that you can do in terms of home improvement with pipes just because pipes tend to be on the walls of people's apartments and homes, but there are also some other really cool ideas like the support of a table or a TV dinner tray that pipes can help out in really big ways.


Of course another really common way for people to use the pipes in their homes, especially in places like a basement is through a handrail. Pipes generally are the perfect type of thing to make a handrail out of, and so if you have a really steep staircase down to your basement then you can definitely use your pipes to get in and out of the tight space a little bit easier.


The last home improvement use that we are going to provide for you in this article is a DIY flower vase, and this of course is going to depend on how long the pipe is, but if it is a short pipe then you can definitely use it as a vase and it should work generally really well.


So we hope you use some of these ideas and make some uses out of those useless pipes in your home!


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