The Best Resources For Creative Crafters

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Winter is an excellent time for crafting, but it is not the excellent time to wander from store to store looking for craft materials, your brain too chilled to recall what you were searching for in the first place. So stay home, by the fire and place an order for the essentials.  


Being a crafter is an ideal lifestyle occupation, although working the casual weekend might be a nuisance for some. It lets you be creative, work an adjustable timetable, reduce traveling expenses and meet interesting new people.


And thanks to sites like, it is now feasible for people to sell their crafts anywhere in the world with the added perk of working from home. 


1. The Craft and the Hobby Association: an international corporation that holds two industry expos, continuous training programs and proposes a full-suite of accessible benefits such as health, life, etc. to association members. Besides the many perks, they have an online craft ingredients buying guide and, an online community where crafters share ideas, resources, and creativity. 


2. Etsy: In addition to providing the world's biggest online forum for crafters, Etsy has an extraordinary academic and community element to their site. This is an amazing place to learn, whether you want to sell your craft projects online or not. 


3. Festival Network Online: Alongside its 22,000 event listings, this is an educational resource for people who want to sell their craft at art exhibitions, festivals or fairs. 


4. Barbara Brabec: A must visit since her awareness of business of crafting is approved, vast and impressive. She has written three brilliant books on the topic. The site too still has a variety of articles worth reading. 


5. Craft Classes: As crafting increases in popularity, the amount of institutions offering classes in the business of crafting is extensively as well. The Learning Annex is a good online source to help you out with crafting. 


6. The Mommy Sites: Two sites are exceptionally handy for people wanting to grasp more about how to make money from crafts are online Mom-preneurs and WAHM the work at home mom. You don't have to be a mom to check this crafting heaven.


There are plentiful mummy bloggers out there who blog in the craft space. If you've got free time at our hand why not visit and learn soap making, food products, or to make some jewelry, etc. is a brilliant site to learn the aforementioned. 


7. The Handmade Marketplace: There's a famous book by Kari Chapin, a guide to selling and promote your crafts online. The book is an excellent online mentor that gives you the "how-to's" of retailing your crafts in different sites.


Kari Chapin has published many books that help crafters who are ready to take their crafting business to a whole new level. It proposes advice on everything starting with creating a business plan to lawful issues to retailing tips.


Meg Mateo is another successful crafter and has published books that provide a nice combo of pragmatic advice and accommodating resources for both, the newbies and the pro crafters. 


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