3 Hand-Crafted Centre Pieces that Don't Involve Flowers

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Glitter candles can make for a spectacular and affordable centre piece.

Glitter candles can make for a spectacular and affordable centre piece.

It is quite incredulous that despite being a fundamental element of nature that can be plucked from the ground, flowers are an increasingly expensive commodity. As anyone who has ever organised a wedding or a large-scale event will testify, the price tag in even a small bouquet can send hearts (and pulse rates) racing.


With this in mind, independent and small-scale event planners are often forced to adopt an alternative approach when sourcing table centre pieces. A staple feature and focal point of any sit-down event, centre pieces can drive a hefty, cumulative cost while organisers cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the aesthetics in a bid to save money.


3 Hand-Crafted Centre Piece Ideas That are Stylish, Affordable and Do Not Include Flowers


With this in mind, we have sourced three creative and affordable centre pieces ideas that help you to create a relevant, stylish and hopefully profitable event: -


Glitter Candles and Winter Cotton


I recently attended an event hosted by One Events in London, and I noticed that their candle centre pieces were particularly clean, striking and lacking in any sort of flower or flora. In fact, the piece consisted of some expensive arranged candles, which were accentuated by the pure white gleam of winter cotton.


This was a breathtakingly simple centre piece idea, and one that is relatively easy and cheap to recreate. You can even save further money by investing in affordable candles and adding glitter to create a more luxurious glow, before adding white cotton to introduce a natural, clean and ultimately complimentary element.


Paper Flowers and Succulents


Of course, while you may not be able to afford real flowers, this does not mean that you do not want to use them as the main focus of your centre piece. If this is the case, your best bet is to seek put viable but cheaper alternatives, such as authentic and high quality paper flowers and succulents (which are low planters filled with lush greenery).


These elements can actually be combined to outstanding effect, with paper flowers used to create a diverse range of colours and succulents added to infuse a genuine sense of organic greenery. This option also enables you to create or augment a predetermined colour scheme, while the low planters can also be embellished for an additional, decorative elements.


Oak and Antlers


For an event to truly be successful, it must be relevant to the topic that underpins it and drive a design theme that is subtle and yet seamless across the board. For rustic events that celebrate the great outdoors, for example, centre pieces should strive to include organic exterior elements (such as natural wood, untreated oak and even antlers).



These unique elements help to bring the outdoor in, while creating an authentic and eye-catching centre pieces that embodies nature. Wooden cubes or coasters can be both decorative and rustic in equal measure, for example, while antlers create an adventurous, mountainous ambience that generate excitement among your audience.

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