Do-It-Yourself Bed Sheet Using a High-Performance and Athletic-Grade Fabric Sheet

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So, here's the thing, you have a new sheet with100% high-grade fabric that is just waiting for you to experiment on. You decide to make it a bed sheet but don't know how to do it. Prompted with the arrival of your fabulous sheets, here is a tutorial to show you how to make these fancy fabrics work for you:

1.) Create Defined Measurements

Have a chart of your measurements and work out the width and length. Add your preferred depth to create an extra depth. Note that if you own a higher mattress, you may need to add more depth to your measurements just to make sure. For example, a Queen-size bed measures around 152cm x 203cm. You can probably add 40cm to 50cm more to the sheet's mattress for extra allowance.

2.) Cutting the corners

Carefully cut squares at each corner or fold whole piece in half, and then in quarter. Ensure that all the sides are lined up seamlessly and pin them together afterward. By then, you will be able to cut all the 4 corners at once. You need to be delicate in handling the fabric. One wrong cut will ruin the measurement and design, especially if the sheet is of high-quality. Fortunately, Peachskin Sheets will be able to help in your bedsheet madness. They have professionals ready to help you in creating the best possible premium sheets.

3.) Do a French Seam on the Corners

To have the strongest and most stable bedsheet corner, try using a French seam. What you need to do is clamp and pin the opposite sides together first, getting ¼" seam and taper it off to a point at the corner end. Trim the sheets back a bit and fold a piece at the corner after joining the corner seams. This will line up the raw edges consistently.

Do an approximate measurement from the corner seam line and notch at this point on both sides so that it measures equally. Fold the elastic in half and pin it at the center. Line up the edge of the elastic with raw edge, ensuring that you can still see some fabric at the top folded edge. 

Stretch out the elastic ends then pin to notch marks. Do a zigzag stitch along the top edge of the elastic, be careful not to sew on the folded edge. Lastly, sew all the four corners and make sure to stretch and pull to adjust. Repeat the step until you're all done.

Making a good bedsheet out of a high-quality fabric is not at all easy, but with thorough research and patience, you will be soon to pull it off. The web offers a lot of do-it-yourself ideas that you might find useful. Never be afraid to experiment and add designs on the fabric to make it more personal. If you become unsure of what to do, there are also hundreds of professionals over the internet that can help you with your needs.

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