Spruce up your office with these great DIY ideas

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Turn your office from a dull and boring place into a space where you feel totally at ease. You do not need to have to invest in expensive new furniture in order to add charm and personality to your office either. Very often, all of the materials that you need are lying around your home or garage - all that you need to do is to know how to use them. Here are 6 fantastic tips to get you started - and, you can do them all yourself.

1. Storage using glue and jars

A fun, creative way to create storage space for your stationery is to take some strong glue and to glue some washed out jars to the wall. These then become handy cubby spaces to store all of those pens, pencils and erasers. Not able to glue things to the wall? Here's another tip: take some jars, tip them on their sides so that when you put a pen into them it lies horizontally and glue them to each other in a kind of honeycomb formation. This will create a 'wall' of cubby holes where you can put pens, paper clips, spare staples and pencils.

2. Use magnets

A simple strip of magnetic material attached to the wall beside your desk will enable you to store all kinds of metal materials, including scissors, paper knives, stray paper clips and metallic pens. Just press your scissors next to the magnet and they will cling there as if by magnet. This is such a creative storage solution and it looks great too.

3. Organize your drawers

Some small boxes will, placed inside your desk drawers, instantly make the space within them much more organized. You can use wooden boxes, create desk dividers by gluing or nailing together pieces of painted wood or take some old cardboard boxes that used to hold small grocery items, cut them to size and cover them in colorful wrapping paper. Give each box a role (e.g. one box is for paperclips, another is for memos, yet another is for spare erasers) and you will never have any trouble locating those small but essential items around the office ever again.

4. Make your own desk

There are various things that you can make your own desk from. Breeze blocks and an old door that you have repainted are one option, as are cleaned out canisters of olive oil with boards nailed across them. Or, you can re-purpose an old bookshelf and turn it into the sides of a desk. This has the additional benefit of providing you with some space to store books and files right where you need them most.

5. Turn an old window into a noticeboard

The panes in a window become natural dividers. So, why not paint over the glass, give the frame a fresh lick of paint too, and screw that window into your wall. You can use one section for storing papers (installing a little wire rack here is all that you need to do), another could be filled with cork board which you use to pin notices to, a third pane could be painted with blackboard paint so that you can scrawl temporary messages to yourself on it, whilst the fourth could have a photograph or a motivational quote pasted inside it.

6. Untangle all of those cords

The typical office is filled with various electronic devices. Laptops, printers, scanners, desktop computers, landline telephones and mobile phone chargers all have their associated cords. A great way to keep your office looking uncluttered is to invest in some cord binders which keep those cables nice and neat. You can opt for plain and businesslike cable holders, or choose some that have a kooky, quirky shape - whatever fits in best with the design of your office.

Are you ready?

Why not try a couple of the ideas above for your office or home study? You may be surprised at what an amazing difference you can make just by making a few simple changes.


Cindy Parker is the Content Specialist and a DIY enthusiasts. She loves to write about DIY ideas for offices and apartments. Currently she works for Learn to Trade - a currency trading education company based in Australia.

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