3 Valentines' Gift Ideas That You Can Make Yourself

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For male readers', it may seem a little too soon to be discussing Valentines' Day gifts. This is not saying much, of course, as there are some guys out there who will be saying the same come midnight on 13th of February!


Now is the ideal time to start planning your gifts, however, particular as such an approach affords you the time to create some unique, DIY offerings that are truly stunning!


So, here are three stunning and original Valentines' Gift ideas that you can recreate from scratch!


A Chalkboard Photo frame


In terms of combining simplicity with style, this is one of the most satisfying, DIY gift ideas on the market. This idea also taps into the popularity of innovatively-shaped, cream photo frames, which fit well into modern interiors and have an emotive impact on recipients.


Using basic wood, chalkboard spray paint and sandpaper, you can replicate customised frames in a shape of your choice. You then finish this with a lacquer if you would like, but we think that a simplistic, rustic aesthetic is perfect for this type of gift idea.


A Customised Picnic Hamper


The best gifts enable you to combine a unique product offering with an experience, and in this respect a customised picnic hamper is ideal. This can be easily woven using various types of wicker, although those with less technical proficiency could instead focus on making a basic, wooden hamper that features hinges (or you could even create take-out candy boxes using free, printable templates).


This simple, but thoughtful, design allows to focus on the most important and creative aspect of the project; which is what exactly should go into the hamper? We advise tasty but healthy offerings for the love of your life, including tempting deserts that are low on calories and a bottle of sparkling, but non-alcoholic, wine.


I also recently brought a blender after comparing options on the Pick My Blender website, and can recommend creating some fun and delicious smoothies to add something new to the hamper!


The Beaded Beanie


We still have two full months of winter left, meaning that there is still ample time for the cold weather to take its toll.


With this in mind, why not replicate the icon but simple beaded beanie and add your creative, personal touch to a practical gift idea?



Using fabric glue and a selection of coloured beads of your choice, simply take an existing beanie hat (or knit one if this is your thing) and add a unique shape to the exterior. This can be a heart of even a brief message of love if you have enough beads, but the key is to focus on customisation and created a beaded image that speaks to the recipient!

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