6 Inexpensive Ways To Store Your Earrings

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A piece of sparkling jewellery can brighten up any look, we all know that. We also know the struggle of keeping a collection of earrings organised so that all pairs are ready to wear at any minute. If you are tired of untangling your earrings every day or endlessly going through your drawers to find the lost element, check out these six inexpensive ways to store and organise your earrings.


Household items

You may be surprised, but ordinary household items make perfect storage for your jewellery. Simple clear pill organiser can contain up to seven pairs of studs. You can also use ice cube trays or spray painted egg containers for larger jewellery pieces. Another extraordinary way to organise your hanging earrings is by arranging them on a spray-painted cheese grater. The best thing about these items is the fact that you can just pop them in your drawers as they hardly take up any space.


DIY earring holder

Acrylic holders can get pretty expensive, but the good news is you do not need to dig into your savings to buy a fancy earring holder, as you can effortlessly make one yourself. All you will need is an old photo frame and some fabric, preferably mesh, tulle or veil. Paint the frame your favorite color and hot glue the fabric to the back of the frame. After everything has dried down you can arrange your earrings and hang the holder on the wall or display it on your vanity.


Jewellery stand

If you want to have a posh epergne, but you don't want to waste your money on mass-produced jewellery stands, head to your local thrift store, pick up at least three cute vintage coffee plates in different sizes and two matching candle sticks. Arrange an epergne-like figure and glue the pieces together. We guarantee that you will have a unique jewellery stand that will look just like the one your great-grandmother used to have.


Utensil holder jewellery shelf

With just a couple of hours, a few materials from your local home improvement store and some basic DIY skills you can transform a plain-looking kitchen utensil holder into a stunning jewellery shelf. Find the nearest home improvement store and pick up a wooden utensil holder and as many tiny hooks as you need. At home paint the holder a neutral color and attach the hooks in the places where you want to position your jewellery. Longer columns of the holder are great for displaying necklaces and hanging earrings and other compartments will be perfect for smaller pairs.


Vintage lace holder

If you are into vintage decor you must try this simple, yet magnificent stud earrings wall holder. Take a piece of wide cotton lace, two pieces of ribbon and some decorative string. Protect the ends of the lace from ripping by stitching the ribbon on both sides and attach decorative string to make a hanger. If you want to make the lace holder look older and truly vintage you can stain it with tea bags.


Perfect Jewellery Box

The list of inexpensive earring storage would not be complete without a functional jewellery box. To make your own customisable jewellery box you will a need plastic or wooden box and approximately 10 sheets of felt, depending on the size of the box and desired thickness of dividers. All you need to do next is to accordingly fold the felt and put it in the box. This simple DIY project is just perfect for keeping all your stud earrings in one place.


These were six inexpensive and functional earring storage ideas you can get your hands on anytime and anywhere. Do you have your favorites?

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