Everyday Knits And How They’re Made

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There's no doubt that we are all unique. Our looks are one of a kind, our laughs are poles apart, hell we even have distinctive walks. But of the many things that differentiate us, there is still a handful of stuff that remains common to us all. One of them is that we all get dressed daily. Well, most of us anyway. 

If I were to get more precise, I would wager we all have knitted clothes right? Our wardrobes are bursting at the seams with all kinds of gauges ranging from those fine shirtcotton t-shirts and socks to leggings and sweaters. And just like us, each of these knits is unique. Each is made with distinctive strokes by different specialized knitting machines. 

So what exactly is a knit? How different is it from a woven? 

A knit is made by a chain of uninterrupted loops. If it's not sewn, cast off or knotted together at the ends, the loops will come undone. A woven is an assembly of yarns that are laid flat along the warp and the weft is woven back and forth under and over the warp. 

While knits are stretchy wovens not so much- they have a fixed extensibility. Knits accord you a free range of motion seeing as they deform easily when we move in them. 

A heap of tank tops and tee-shirts…

These overly comfortable garments we all love to wear are made by circular knitting machines. They work by knitting yardage of plain jersey fabric that is cut and later sewn into tee shirts. Each machine has a series of needles with a hooked end. The needles work in perfect harmony to create a seamless tube. If you were wondering how tee shirts without side seams are made, now you know. It's all thanks to tubular knitting. 

Your cluttered sock drawer…

Socks are constructed on specialized sock knitting machines. They are not so different from circular knitting machines that make plain jersey yardage for tee shirts. Most are fitted with attachments for automation. For instance, automatic toe closing where a special bind off stitch is used at the beginning and at the end. Some work a little different by utilizing an overlock stitch to close the toe. 

Your sock drawer could be a home to other interesting things. Maybe you keep your unmentionables there. Fabric like tricots, laces and power meshes that are used for making your intimates are constructed on a warp knitting machine. In this type of knitting, each needle has its own yarn. This is a bit different from circular knitting where a continuous yarn is looped around each needle and yarn changes happen every so often. For warp knits, the design is flexible and can be changed to various shapes but the yarn remains the same. 

A pile of sweaters…

These comfy knits are often weft knitted on a v-bed knitting machine also referred to as a flat knitting machine. Different gauges (size of stitch) are knitted by different machines. The needles of a finer gauge are smaller and stack closer together than they would be for a coarser gauge. 



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