The bow apron I made for my mom- with images

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 My mom loved to wear an apron, so I decided to make one for her as a gift on her wedding anniversary.


I was looking to sew this apron for her for a while now but did not getting the right material and time, to be honest, to get it done. Last week I was in the fabric store and saw this beautiful fabric, and straight away I knew I had to buy this to sew apron from my mom.




I had to get some bow to make it look good since I was sewing this for my mom and she loved bow aprons.




Firs of all although the fabric was nice and clean I still went ahead and washed this before making this apron. This to ensure it will not shrink afterward. I used brother se400 for this project.




25 x 17-inch fabric.


Three Strips (42* 9)


Cut strips of 9 inch from selvage to selvage.



I'll go ahead and provide as many images as I can so you can get the idea of steps and sew this for yourself.

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