9 Steps to Creating Your Own Lamp

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Every house needs a good lamp. Many can easily purchase these lamps in furniture stores. However, not everyone knows that it is quite easy to assemble your own lamp.

Creating your own lamp can be useful if you can't find one that suits your style. You can create a lamp out of basic materials. These may include bottles, old books, or even some baseballs. Anything goes, as long as you can drill through it. Let me guide you while you create your very own lamp.

Steps for assembling your lamp

1. Grab an item that you can drill through. It can be a bottle, a piece of wood, or anything that can act as your lamp's base. If your chosen base is not stable enough, you may attach it to a block of wood.

2. Paint some wooden button caps to follow the color of your chosen base. Attach these button caps under your base. This allows your electric cord to pass under it.

3. With the help of a hacksaw, slice the lamp rod to the length that you want and smoothen any rough edges. Next, thread the rod through the bottom of your decor and base.

4. Make the cord easier to thread by using masking tape on the cord. Next, thread the cord on the bottom of the base until 5 inches are sticking out of the rod's top.

5. Thread the components of the socket on the cord. Use this sequence: lock nut, neck, harp holder, and socket cap. Also, you want to ensure that your socket cap is screwed well. This part holds the other parts together.

6. Pull 2 inches of lamp cord apart. Use a knife to strip off the insulation from each wire. Make sure though you do not cut off the wire.

7. Tie a knot to prevent the wires from getting pulled back. Once you have tied the not, test if your wire stays put by pulling the lamp cord.

8. Connect the wires to the socket. Also, make sure there are no unraveled ends. Next, twist the strands of wires clockwise. Bend the wires round the screw in the same direction the screw tightens.

9. Tuck the wires and socket cap in the right place. Once the cap clicks, you know you did it right. Finally, add the harp and lampshade.

You will now have your very own lamp after following these nine simple steps. You can follow it using different materials as your base and sell them to interested buyers. One of the best places to do this is online.

There are two major options for selling your lamps offline. The affordable option would be through Wordpress via WooCommerce. This method needs you to do a load of setting up your shop, though. You also need to search for themes and such to make your shop ready. The method I recommend to you is through Shopify. It has your shop ready for setup, making selling online hassle-free. All you need is to capture some pictures of your lamps, and you're good to go.

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