Convert Ordinary Wall into Dry-Erase Wall with Whiteboard Paint

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Produced by: Truworth Homes

It is best to create writable-erasable surface rather than having whiteboard, especially in classrooms and schools because there are chances of whiteboard falling from wall. There are many other advantages to convert ordinary wall into whiteboard/dry-erase-wall with paint such as it gives an outstanding look to your interiors, you can create dry erase wall of any color, this would more durable, and more. Presently, you might be thing about the available color options. Well, this is available in two colors; white and clear (transparent). So, if you need wall in pink color, just paint your wall first with pink paint and then apply clear dry erase paint. Interesting?? In this tutorial, you will learn to convert regular interior wall into dry erase wall with whiteboard paint.

Step 1

Is your all ready to get painted? Well, the first and important rule for long lasting results is clean your wall. You should remove all the dust and dirt from wall by suitable technique. In case you find loose paint on wall just remove that by sanding! Clean your wall with clean water after removing dirt, dust, and loose paint. Just rinse thoroughly with clean water. Later, let it dry.

Step 2

Tape around the area which you like to paint. It is so simple, just see the video to have clear image in mind.

Step 3

Application! Just pour the paint into paint tray and then start applying it on wall using dense foam roller. It is best to apply at least 2 times. In case when you are painting dark color surface, you should apply 3 coats. Generally dry erase paints get dry to touch in one hour hence you can remove painters tape after 1 hour. You can also check the dry time of your paint on tin as well. It is very necessary to dry the paint properly before writing and erasing. You should allow it to dry for 3 days to get fully cure. Once it is dried, you can use it. Which paint you should use?? Well, if quality is concerned, Rustoleum dry erase paint is best to use. You can buy it from Truworth Homes (Rustoleum India), Amazon India, and eBay India!

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