6 Simple Sewing Tips for Beginners

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Learning to sew can be such a fun for you and your family. It is also great to be able to style your own clothing to suit your needs and preferences. Besides buying an exceptional starter sewing machine, there is a lot more to learn to get started with sewing. These tips are meant for beginners who are just starting to learn how to sew.

Learn The Terms

Sewing, like other profession, involves a lot of terms to get acquainted with. So, before you get started with sewing, you ought to master the right terms used in sewing to ease your sewing lessons.

Master Your Equipment

If you want to really be a good seamstress, you have to know the functions of your sewing machine. Having the basic knowledge of how to operate your machine and what job to use each machines for would make it a lot easier for you while sewing. More so, if you are getting a new sewing machine, make sure you have tested it before making a purchase. In addition, carry out a research on what model is best for your sewing needs.

Always Start a New Sewing Project With a New Needle

This is to ensure that you don't face any difficulty sewing. If your needle gets damaged in the process, you may find it difficult to keep on. Most times, newbie blame the threads or sewing machine, but most often a bad needle might just be the problem.

Use Sharpie Marker

When you need to make markings as a guide, try using sharpie marker. They have fine tip that can guide your need and can even show up on darker colors. Just make sure to mark on a place that isn't going to be visible on the finished product. This is because sharpies are permanent and quite difficult to remove from most fabrics.

Take Proper Care of Your Sewing Machine

Proper maintenance will not only prevent damage to the machine, but it will also increase its longevity. Greasing the metallic parts of the machine will prevent rust, wear, and friction on the internal and movable parts. Remove dirt and debris frequently to prevent wear and tear on the machine. Lastly, read through your manual to learn more about proper maintain ace of your machine.

Don't Stop Learning

Never stop learning, there's no limit to what you can know. Go online and visit sewing blogs, do your research well and if there's a need to reinvent the wheel, then do it. There are many sewing books for beginners; it's amazing what you will learn from them.


If you are determined to learn sewing and you are as well willing to put maximum effort to discipline yourself during the learning process, you will end up being a professional. Dedication and hard work will transform you into a skillful seamstress. It will give you the opportunity to not only discover yourself but also reinvent yourself about sewing. At last, you will find sewing an enjoyable craft that may even turn out to be something beneficial in the long run.

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