DIY - Crochet Pet food mat at home in no time

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Are you looking forward to getting your dog something new and exciting?

Wondering what to get him for his birthday?

Here is the perfect idea for the birthday present for your pet. Try creating the pet food mat from crochet at home that will give your dog a new happiness and will comfort you for making something out of your own hands for it.

Let us give you a step by step tutorial on the DIY project for the dog mat.

1. First of all, you need to gather the things you want to make the mat from

· Long rope in your favorite color

· A small rope in black color

· Adhesive to glue the strands of the rope

· A hard chart

· A pencil

· A towel cloth for lining

· Food bowls

2. Once you have gathered all these things required to make the mat, you can now set up and get started with the process of creation. The first thing you would do is to make a shape of bone on the hard chart with the help of the pencil according to the size and number of your dog. If you have multiple dogs and you wish to place a separate bowl for each on the mat, then you can choose a largely sized bone shape.

Remember to be very conscious about the food you give to your pet dog. Consult some pet specialist about the food or search the internet for the list of foods dogs can and can't eat so that you know what you are giving to your dog and what makes him get healthy.

3. Now cut out the shape and put it aside. Now open the rope you have brought to create the mat and start applying adhesive to one side of it. You will place that side with the adhesive on the chart so it gets stuck to it.

4. Start from the center and create elliptical loops so that the base gets stronger. After two to three circles, you can start crocheting the rope to create the pattern or in the other case you can continue without crochet and apply it in the end at the outer edges of the mat. The decision lies on you.

5. Continue the above step until you are done. Now pick a different colored rope to create the outline and get it done. Stitch the end of the rope properly so it does not get opened again.

6. In the end, you can do the optional decoration of the mat. Placing a dog paw made in crochet in black color will add to the beauty of it, and would symbolize that the mat if for the dog.


7. The last step is to place the food pans on the mat and bring your doggie on the mat. Let him rejoice the pleasure of finding a new mat and you too can enjoy the fun of seeing him happy.

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