How to Make a Snake Cube Puzzle

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Children love toys, and making your own can be one of many cool things to do with kids. A fun diy toy for older kids is a snake cube puzzle. In this toy, small cubes are held together with a string that stretches through their whole length when laid out in a snake. The puzzle solver has to figure out how to get snake cube puzzle back in a cube.

What you need?

To make this cube serpent, you will need ;

  • wood

  • a table saw

  • a drill

  • a string

How much wood you need depends on the size of your puzzle and how big you want your cubes.

What's Next?

  1. Begin by using your table saw to rip cubes of your desired size. You can use different woods such as maple and mahogany to create an alternating light and dark pattern. You will need 27 equal cubes for a three by three completed puzzle.

  2. Next, lay the pieces out in the order they need to be in when the puzzle is unwound in snake form. You can use a puzzle you already have as a template or find one on the internet. This will help you determine where to drill your holes to place your string.

  3. Looking at your puzzle, determine which cubes will have the string go straight through, and drill a hole through them slightly bigger than your string.

  4. Clamping a piece of wood with a square notch to hold the cubes to your drill table will help hold small cubes steady while you drill.

  5. Next, you will need to drill diagonal holes in the cubes where the puzzle turns. This can be tricky, and there are different ways to do it depending on your carpentry skills. You could simply drill a diagonal hole, or you could drill a small hole in the cube faces then connect them with a diagonal hole to make it easier to line the holes up. A simple jig will help hold your cubes in place during drilling, and a template will help you see exactly how the pieces should fit.

  6. For the end pieces, drill a slightly larger hole partially through the block to seat the knot at the end. If you wish to sand or apply varnish to your snake cube puzzle, it is easier to do this before you thread the blocks.

  7. The next step is to thread your cube serpent together. You could use stretchy cord, but this has a tendency to lose elasticity over time. You could also split one of your end blocks in half before you tie your knot, and then reattach it to ensure the string has proper tension. Pull the string a few blocks at a time to ensure it is tight and not caught on the corners.

  8. Finally, cut a plug to fill your knot hole on either end or simply fill with wood filler, allow to dry, and sand it.


If a snake cube puzzle is a little above your skill level, there are many other easy toys to make with your kids. Some fun diy toys include wooden blocks that can be painted with any design you wish, wooden stacking toys or teething rings for babies, or a wooden tool or kitchen set for older toddlers. These can all be made simply with a table saw and sander. More complex toys include wooden vehicles, other types of puzzles, train tables, or a doll house. Once you learn the basics of how to make toys, you and your child can construct a myriad of diy toys limited only by what amazing creations you can dream up!

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