How to Crochet Retro Toddler Dress

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Retro styled, or the vintage styled dresses are popular not only amongst the young and old but also for the kids. Any clothing that takes inspiration from some old model or style of dressing from the past is referred to as a vintage dress. It is essential however to carry the method out in a reasonable way, i.e., you have to get a feeling of the past with the attitude of today. 

Crocheting is a technique that is also an old one, and it too is a popular trend not only in clothing but also in decorative crafts and arts. When vintage looks are combined with the crocheting technique, a whole new world of styling is created and opens so many options that it becomes hard to choose one. Today we have picked a combination of these two styling techniques to create a dress for the toddler. We will provide you a guide to select the best vintage style dress for your toddler.

1. The first step in creating the dress is to plan what you want, how you want it and for what occasion you are going to wear it at.

2. Then you will need to question yourself regarding your skills in the sewing. You have to pick up the complexity of the dress design based on your expertise, how much you are informed about the crocheting and sewing and how well you can put together all the steps for creating the dress.

3. Next thing will be to choose the appropriate dress for your toddler. The choice of the clothing depends upon the gender of your toddler and his appearance. If it is a girl, you will have more options compared to that of the boy. The dresses for girls are in various designs and can be opted out quickly; you have got frocks, gowns, blouses and skirts that could all be given a vintage look easily. Now consider the appearance of your child and based on it, pick the right dress that would suit you. In case of a girl, too frilly frocks would not satisfy a very lean baby while also skin exposing ones would not go well for a chubby one.

4. Search for a perfect looking dress and take out its print on paper, so you do not have to consult your gadget again and again for it.

5. Now set off with the crocheting and sewing. While sewing, take the sample dress the one that perfectly fit your little one and suits him the best.

6. Once the dress is ready, try it on your baby and start planning for the right occasion to make him wear it.


Sewing a dress out of your own hands for your child gives you a satiated feeling, something that is incomparable. However, if you are not an expert in this field, the Ana Giovanna store for the kids clothing would prove to be the most appropriate choice for vintage crochet clothes for the toddler.


Fashion dressing for kids according to the trends: Tips, Ideas, and rules

All the parents wish to dress their children according to the latest trends and fashion, striving hard to get what is best in the market, yet kids are not always happy with their dressing.

What is it that makes your kid unhappy with his clothes?

Just try to recall the moment that you get embarrassed at seeing an of the picture of yours, wearing something that becomes a laughing stalk for all the onlookers, well your child sometimes feel the same with the way you dress them up. This happens mainly because a child has his own thoughts about the fashion ideas and he wishes to look cool like some superhero or his favorite cartoon character.

Let the kid be a part of dress picking

The simplest tip to make your kid love this dress is to let him make the choice. Ask the kid to tell you what he would prefer to have and then take him shopping with you. We agree that most of the times the kids could make the weirdest choices in clothing that does not appeal a mature parent. You could educate your child to pick the one that suits most. In such a case, you can let him pick one thing and choose the other you.

Make impression with shoes that suit

Shoes affect the apparel a lot for kids and adults equally. Picking the right shoes with the right kind of the dress is a major factor in making your kid look cool and attractive. If you would get flip flops with the tux, you definitely are getting your kid in trouble to be teased by the fellows. If you are not certain as to which shoes go best with which dress, try to google it all the way to the market.

Make the kid's hair, his crown glory

Hair too matters a lot when it comes to the whole fashion frenzy of the kid. Hairstyles change more than anything these days, make sure to stay updated with the latest hairstyles for boys and girls both. There are several choices for girls in hairstyling but only a few remain for the boys, make sure you know which haircut and style are in and out of the fashion these days.

Sometimes taking risks with the dressing could help too

If you wish your kid to look cool and to make an impression, try something unusual, but with sense. This makes your kid confident and helps him take risks but make sure to do it with sense.

Familiarize yourself with the proper sizing of the kid

One very important factor for perfect clothing is the appropriate size for the kid's clothes. Too large or too small clothes could kill all the grace of your child. Make sure to pick the right size every time.


Keeping these tips in mind regarding the kid's fashion, your child could easily win the cutest baby contest.

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