How to crochet the bridal jewelry at home

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arrangements, and everyone is willing to participate to their heart's content with the provisions. The stage, the flowers, the dresses, the food, the invitations, the guests, the ceremony, the dinner, each and everything is prepared well. What all the friends and family members of the new couple desire are to make unique custom stuff for the bride or groom or both.

What could be the unique and most memorable gift for your bride friend?


If you too are a friend or family member of the bride and you wish to create something unique for her on her big day, you can go for the crocheted jewelry. Crocheting is a single and old technique that makes everything look elegant and stylish. Making delicate jewelry for the bride would be an excellent idea for a unique present. You will need help with the process of making.


Now let us get back to our crocheted jewelry tutorial.


Step by step tutorial for creating crocheted bridal jewelry

1. First, you need to gather the family's beloved items such as necklaces and pearls that run as an heirloom in the family line of the bride. It would be a great way to surprise the bride for having a love of the family in the necklace. You can make use of vintage chains, buttons, and strings as well.

2. If you know how to crochet, you do not need this step. If you do not know about crocheting, you can make use of some old doily and cut out a suitably sized motif out of it. A delicate flower or pattern would do.

3. Now start off by adding around ten pearls to the crochet thread. Do not forget to know the thread, in the end, to avoid the beads from falling out.

4. Now start crocheting with this thread if you are going to crochet yourself. If not, start stitching away the motif with this thread.

5. Use beads to enhance the edges of the motif and attach two looped hooks to the ends of the string running through the necklace for fastening the chains.

6. Now you will attach an 8-inch chain to one end of the motif and 7-inch chain to the other end. Make use of small tools for this purpose.

7. Now that your necklace is ready, proudly present it to the bride for her big day as an emblem of your friendship. 

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Having a dream wedding is what everyone fancy for themselves. Preparations are made for many months to make each and every moment a perfect one. Once the wedding is over, you feel sad for, but the most cherished moments that are preserved in photos are the best souvenir this event leaves. It is, therefore, a must to have the perfect wedding photos and to get them in preserved for the lifetime calls for something special.

A custom wedding album is something that you need to cherish the sweet moments for the rest of your life. Deciding on the theme of the album is not an easy task.

Let us tell you how you can create an album that would depict your style and would be a signature one.

A wedding album must be taken as a wedding dress, something that you aim to enjoy and you want to be looked at. Here are the top tips.

· Do not pick every other pick for the album. Choose only your favorite ones. If you decide to put every picture, you will clutter the album. If there are several photos of the same scene with different angles, go for the best and only one.

· Let the pictures tell their story. Do not go captioning every picture. They are your wedding pictures and you know their story.

· It is customary to follow the pictures in the sequence of happenings but you can place a special one in the beginning if you like to.

· Try to place vertical photos one on a spread and horizontal photos one on two spreads.

· Go for the colors of the background and theme of the spreads according to the event. If it was too sober, go for sobriety and vice versa.

· Never miss the special moments of the ceremony like the entrance of the bride, the exchange of rings etc.

· Do not delay your wedding album for years to come, rather order it within weeks of the wedding. The earlier the better.

· Decide on the wall and mantle photos and put them in the album order as well so you have everything at the ready.

· Pick the album cover with your spouse so you both are contributing towards the preservation of the moments.

· Avoid too many group photos as they need not be on the album. Choose two or three best group photos that include most of the guests at the same time.

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