How to Crochet a Decorative backyard Waterfall

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Investing your time and money on the beautification of your outdoor is an ideal way to create a first impression of your personality. When we talk about the landscaping techniques, it occurs to us that we will have to spend a lot of money to get a new look of our lawn. But the truth is against it; you can modify the otherwise old look of your outdoor garden.

Today we are going to tell you about some exciting tips and tricks that will help you create something new in your garden using the DIY approach. The DIY lawn crafts are easy to do and light on your pocket as well. Thanks to the architects and landscapers that they have introduced such ideas in the garden modification that you can do a lot at home now, making your garden resemble a sophisticated lawn from some mansion in movies.

This DIY project involves making a simple yet sophisticated looking waterfall structure out of simple garden tools and items that you could find with ease in your home, thing that is left away with no use. You can involve the kids in building this project as well as it is equally exciting and skill learning for them as well.

Materials required

· Hosepipe

· Selecting the perfect sprinkler

· Leftover wood from cartons preferably of fridge

· Paint in your favorite color (we are using dark chocolate color)

· Pebbles (both large and small sized)

· Aquatic animal toys or ornaments ( or anything that you feel would go with the decoration)

· Large rocks or stones (to create a pathway across the lawn towards the waterfall)

· Cement and adhesive to fix the rocks


Let's get set to work

Once you set to start with this fantastic DIY project of creating the waterfall in your garden, you will find that it is exciting and entertaining as well as a functional family activity too. The material you are going to use is all readily available at home, so you need not invest a lot in doing this project.

The water sprinklers are in use for more than just watering the plants in your garden. You can make use of the sprinkler heads to create fascinating structures in your lawn and create a heavenly feeling in them. The sprinkler we are using here is of the type that spreads the water directed in one way only.

Step by step approach to creating the waterfall

1. First of all, we need to create an archway out of wood. If you have lumber in arch shape already, it is well and good, if not you can go quickly for a rectangular way just like the ones we have for doors. Making use of large nails, the arch gets ready.

2. Next step is to paint this wooden structure in your favorite color. We are going to make use of the chocolate brown color as it suits best with the lush richness of grass below the fall. Use either the spray or brush to paint the archway.

3. Next, you will need to attach a water sprinkler to the arch in such a way that when you turn on the water supply, the water flows throughout the top of the arch while sending the drops downwards. The best tip for it is to place the sprinkler a bit higher to the base of the arch so that when the water would flow out of the head, it would itself make its way across the arch and fall downwards just like a waterfall.

4. The toy animals and other decorative items we gathered can be used beautifully as ornamental at the base of the waterfall. We are taking a massive toy tortoise, and we are going to spray it in vintage colors. Then we will place it at the foot of the arch and circle it with little plants and pebbles.

5. Next, you will place the pebbles and rocks around the waterfall. Place small stones around the edges of the wooden structure. You can make use of the glass jars, fill them up with the rocks and pebbles and place some aquatic plant in it. Now fill the pot with water till top so that the whole plant is immersed in the water. This will create a beautiful planter for the garden that you can place on some table or in some corner of the lawn. You can make a symmetry with several such planter pots as well.

6. You are going to need rocks to create the pathway all the way across the lawn towards the waterfall. This would create a very dramatic, yet a lovely look to the whole garden. You can welcome the kids in placing these rocks as it is a simple task, but make sure to be there for them to avoid any mishap. You can make use of cement to place the rocks accurately in place.

Now let the water flow from the pipe to the waterfall and enjoy the heavenly effect of it with all your family.

Variations to this basic waterfall

This DIY waterfall project is a basic and simple one. Based on your budget and availability of items, you can create more beautiful arrangements around the waterfall. For example

· You can make use of the crocheted hangers for this purpose. Make a basket like a hanger from crochet and place a pot in it, or make use of some containers. Now put the jars in the crochet and set the planter inside it. Hang them on some poles in the garden and link them beautifully. When you turn on the waterfall, you would be amazed to see the beautiful effect created by the hanging crocheted planters around it.


· String lights are a fantastic idea to decorate the waterfall and the backyard. They glow in the semi-darkness and at night time, creating a very fancy look in the lawn. It would be a lovely decorative addition to the yard for backyard parties as well.

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