How to Crochet a one hour Dress

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These are the few things that you will need to create the dress. Now let's move forward and have a look at the step by step guide.

Easy steps to create the crocheted dress

· Now you have to start working on your clothing. First of all, take the measurements from the dress you picked as a perfect one. While taking the measures, make sure that the length of the t-shirt is around 4-5 inches less than the ideal one. This is because we are going to hang the crochet downwards from the end of the shirt. You can vary this length based on your idea of the crochet length.

· Now that you have the t-shirt in the perfect size turn the edge of the t-shirt and start crocheting there continue with the design and keep working all the way downwards.

· Once you have reached the desired length, you can now move on to the applique styling on the neck of the t-shirt. We have used the heart shape to create a motif that has crochet at the outer edges and applique inside.


· In these easy steps, you have got the crocheted dress ready out of an old t-shirt.

T-shirts are a trendy and anticipated dress since a long time and everyone likes to wear them all the time due to their ease and comfort of use. T-shirts have a surprisingly long life as a casual dress, and they can be reused later to make different things out of them. The internet is full of such fabulous ideas that make use of the T-shirts for making stylish bags, cushion covers, laptop bags and even lampshades.

What new dress are we creating today?

There is no end to the number of possibilities to the reuse and remake of the t-shirts. However, you might not have heard about the t-shirts used to create the crocheted dress for you. Crocheting technique is such a fantastic thing that it adds elegance and beauty to everything it is attached to.

Is that possible to create such a dress at home?

You might wonder how we are going to create a dress for with crochet and t-shirt. Well, it is not difficult, and if you are a pro in crocheting, you can quickly create the dress in almost an hour's time. Our guide will help you learn how to move step by step for forming this fantastic dress in minimal time. 

List of things needed


  1. First, have a look at the things you require to create the dress.
  2. · An old t-shirt of your toddler
  3. · Dress in perfect size to take the measurements of the toddler
  4. · Crocheting kit
  5. · Yarn in your favorite color/colors

The dress looks as elegant as your body does. Make sure you have a hair-free body, and for that, you can make use of any of the epilation methods for women. For this, you could make use of the best epilator picks of the year as well.


Ideas to create stylish pet dog accessories from crochet


Having pets at home has been proved to be a very beneficial activity as it is the source of comfort and relief for the owners. You can have the pet at home and feel it as a best friend whom you can talk to all the time. Having a pet asks for a lot of care and love towards it, which is why we love to buy them stuff that makes them comfortable and stylish at the same time. This is due to the fact that most of the people think the pets to be their kids and love them the same way. Let us talk about the pet dog that you all love to have at your home, in your lap, and in your bed.

The cutest way to show your love to your pet dog

A great way to show your love for your pet dog is to create something out of crochet for him in the chilly winter season. This is meant to keep your pet dog cozy in the extremely cold weather as well as it will make you feel good, seeing him wearing something that you have created on your own. If you cannot create stuff from crochet, you can always find them in the market so there is no need to worry.

Let us give you some unique ideas to accessorize your pet dog with crochet.

· The best thing to keep the doggie warm in the winter season is to get him a sweater made in crochet. Since crochet is comparatively neat and compact than wool, it will give a sober look to your dog and will keep you it out of winter chills.

· Crochet toys amaze the pet dogs a lot. You can buy a colorful crochet toy for your pet dog in the shape of a bone, stuffed with some dog biscuits, so whenever he chews on the toy, he gets the taste of the food.

· A doggie collar made in crochet is also something that makes your dog look beautiful as well as give him a decent look. You can get the collar from the market at any time or make with your own hands.

· A bow tie collar is also a popular accessory when it comes to the crochet stuff for your dog.

· Nothing gives an elegant impression as the bedspread and the cushions made from the crochet. They make your pet dog stay warm and make his bed look beautiful.

· The cozy winter caps add a lot to the beauty of your pet dog, you can make him wear it with the help of some elastic band and take him to a birthday party, the kids would go crazy seeing such a lovely pet.


Cleaning the crochet from the pet hair is a tiresome task and you need to pay special attention to it. Try using the best vacuum for pet hair to keep the hair away and to keep your pet accessories out of dog hair.


How to modify your garden in a crocheted fashion way


Crocheted flowers and patterns create decent and elegant effect wherever they are used. The crocheting technique is an old one but is being liked till today by the people in all parts of the world. You would be amazed at the wonders you could do with these crochet flowers and designs.

The fashion dressing has not left the gardens alone. Today you can see a number of gardens having their décor made via fashion dressing. The dressed mannequins are the latest trend in the garden décor. The fashion dressing of the mannequin is done according to the season and it's made to look like a real person. Being a crochet lover, you could go for a crochet dressed mannequin as discussed below.

You can take an idea of the things that you can create with threads and needles without doing many searches for it.

1. Plant pot covers

Plant pots are the primary fascination in the garden. You could modify a few of them with crochet. For this, you need to pick the little weight pots and create a hanger that could hold the pot out of the crochet. Then put the pot in it and hang it on the ceiling of an entrance of the garden. All you have to do is to pick a color for the base and put a contrasting color for the abstract patterns above. You can make use of a crochet chain to make the pots look more beautiful and to earn more appreciation for your DIY project.

2. Crocheted furniture items

The garden furniture is already a very creative idea to follow and to enhance its beauty with the crocheted mats could increase the beauty many times. You could design the furniture to mock a large tree stem for the table while using smaller stems for the chairs. Then place a round piece of glass to cover the table and put a crocheted mat on it to make it look fabulous.

3. Crochet Dressed mannequin

If you are a master at the crochet making, you could leave anyone behind while making the garden mannequin dress out of it. It is a new trend in creative gardening. You could make the dress in bright colors to attract the eyes and complete the look of it by adding a crocheted hat on the head to make it look like a person enjoying in your garden.

4. Crocheted hammocks

Adding a fancy crocheted hammock could be a single thing that would transform your otherwise ordinary garden to a sophisticated one. Got for some elegant shade of brown or green for the hammock and put it between two trees, so it hangs gracefully in there.


A top tip to make your garden look beautiful is to keep it clean and get it mowed from time to time. You could take advantage of the cordless strimmer for it. Read more about cordless strimmers on the web to get more information about them.



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