How to Crochet a Paper Flower Basket

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Flowers are those being that look lovely to every eye looking at them. However maintaining and keeping a garden loaded with flowers is not an easy task. It requires a lot of attention and care to preserve the lawn; you have to deal with the beds from time to time, you get to plant them regularly, put seeds and manure in it, etc. which is not an easy task to do unless you have plenty of spare time to manage it.

Those who love gardening, however, to extract some time to give to their hobby and stay happy. Gardening is a very healthy habit as well. But if you too are a busy bee who loves to have plants and flowers in the home but cannot spare enough time to give to gardening, then the artificial plants and flowers are the perfect option for you. You can buy these decorative plants from the market, but it would be costly and would not make you happy the way the hand-made flowers can. If you wish to have such flowers, here we are to tell you in detail how to make them.

Along with the paper flowers, we are going to tell you about the crocheted basket to hold these flowers. As the pair would be ready, you will have a lovely new decorative item for your home that you can put anywhere in the house. The paper flower crocheted basket looks beautiful in the windows and the patios as well. You can use this flower basket for the centerpiece of a table as well.

Making these flowers is a fun activity in which you can make your kids participate as well. They can take these paper flowers and crocheted basket to school art projects or present them to their friends for birthday parties or Christmas. Cash for Art Johannesburg could be your one-stop shop for it.

Let us have a look at the guide for making the paper flowers in different colors and different styles. First, note what materials you are going to need to make these flowers.

Materials needed for roll-up paper flowers

· Scrapbook paper in color of your choice

· Pencil

· Glue gun

· Floral wire

· Scissors

The making

1. First of all, you are going to spread out the scrapbook paper onto a broad surface; we are using a deep orange color for these roll-up flowers. You can make use of any color that you like.

2. Now you will cut the sheet into 6″ x 6″ pieces. Cut out as many pieces as the number of flowers you wish to make.

3. Now take a pencil and trace out a pattern in shape of a spiral circle and cut it on the lines.

4. Once done, start rolling the spiral tightly to form a flower. When you reach the end, the rolled up paper will loosen up and will make a shape of flower correctly.

5. Now use the glue gun to close the end of the flower and stick a floral wire to it to complete the look.

6. Repeat the steps mentioned above to create as many flowers as you desire. You can make use of different shades of the same color to create a contrasting effect.


Materials needed for paper roses


· Crepe paper in color of your choice

· Pencil

· Glue gun

· Floral wire

· Scissors


The Making


1. As the crepe paper looks like it has veins running through it, you will need to cut out the paper in such a way that the veins do run vertically in it and make it look super real. Trace out the shape of a petal on the paper and start cutting them out. Make use of your favorite colors for the paper. We are using deep red and orange color to create a realistic feel.

2. Now start placing the petals in a circle shape and glue the ends together. You have to go layer by layer, the thicker the layers, the better will be the rose. We are putting the deep red petals outwards while keeping the orange ones inside.

3. Around 20-25 petals will suffice for one flower.

4. Now glue all the layers with hot glue gun and in the end join them and place them at the top of the floral wire to complete your flower. Make as many flowers as you desire,


Now that the flowers are ready, we will proceed to the crochet basket to place the flowers.


Materials needed for crochet basket


· Jute twine

· Crochet hook 10mm

· Scissors

· Crocheting kit


The making


1. Take the jute and create a magic ring and plug it into the hook.

2. Now start with the stitch and make seven stitches to form the crochet chain.

3. Pull the ring closer so that the ring is closed and you have eight stitches base of the basket.

4. Now continue to create more stitches in the chain form and go round and round in circles. When you have eight complete lines of the base, you will now move upwards with the stitches, as the base is finished.

5. Stitching in the same radius of the circle, you will continue to work all the way up till you have 25-30 chains one above the other.

6. Now you have the basket ready to hold the flowers. The handles of the basket are optional that you can attach to it with the help of a glue gun.


Decoration of the basket

We are going to make use of the decorative ribbon string that would run around the basket's top and create a fancy loop there. You can use any creative items to attach to the loop that you can pick from Sell art Johannesburg.



Now that the flowers and the basket is ready, you can place them at any place in your house to create a fancy effect there and make it look elegant and appealing.

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