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It would be difficult for the first pair of jeans to be the same one until today. Fortunately or unfortunately, every time you get into a store in order to buy your next pair of jeans, the huge variety in designs, colors and style is usually much bigger than what any man can afford. Besides the choices you have, there are also some other issues that need to be solved. If the pair of jeans fits to your body, if it's flattering or if it's according to your personal style. And if you add up to these factors that those jeans need to be in fashion, then the choice is becoming more difficult.

There is no reason to panic. The first thing you need to do is forget about all the designs that you thought they were suitable for you and to keep calm with the plenty of options you have regarding to the jeans - from the classic dark denim to the distressed trousers , you have to be sure that you will find the one that suits you. And of course, the most important thing you need to remember is to choose a pair of ones that you feel comfortable yet stylish when you wear it.

The pair of jeans that worth to be worn

In a classic line

It's exactly as the headline says: a classic one. It starts just below your belly, it does not stick anywhere on the legs, but it does not even stand apart. It follows your moves without limiting you. It comes in all colors, but it is most preferable in the classic blue light and will suit with almost all your clothes, especially with shirts and t-shirts like the ones that can be found on . In any case a classic-line pair of jeans can be combined with everything.

In a slim fit line

A slim fit line pair is closer to your body but it does not touch it. In addition with the skinny jeans that erase every muscle of your legs, the slim jeans embrace the thighs nicely, but leave a small margin of knees and down. They fit mainly into elegant body styles and not in highly muscular or full silhouettes.

In straight line

It looks like the slim fit line, but it does not stick anywhere. The hips and thighs can stay close to the body but they fall straight to the rest of the legs and reveal nothing about how your body looks like. It is convenient for office or even slightly more formal appearances, as they are supposed to be classic cotton trousers.

In a relaxed line

Relaxed, which cuts in places but without overdoing it, the relaxed-line pair of jeans gives a laid-back, youthful style. Keep in mind that these jeans do not particularly flatter those who would like to look taller.


Distressed pair of jeans

The ripples and treatments that make a pair of jeans trousers look worn and slightly damaged are desirable, as long as you do not have to go on the other side and your jeans look like they are over a century years old or a hungry lion was chasing you!

The dark pair of jeans


It's also a classic one that can substitute your preppy cotton trousers almost in all circumstances. If you intend to take it in semi-official occasions, with a shirt and a blazer, keep everything clean and well-worn.

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