Tips for Perfect Organization at Every Point of the Home

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If you do not have a big house and our squares are limited, it is very important to focus on the details that will make your house ergonomic and stylish too.

First of all you should create storage spaces and if possible hide everything you barely use in the floor or on a wall cabinet. You cannot imagine how much space you are finally earning through this way.

If you prefer your books to be in public eye, add open shelves to the room or buy a narrow library which you are going to put to one of your walls. It is also a good idea to buy a library that reaches the ceiling. So, there will be no wasteful space on the side of the library and the whole room will be in terms of a typical minimal Scandinavian design and will look more complete.

Avoid having a pile of magazines and everyday items such as keys, mobile phones s all around the living room. All you can do is make your place look tidy. You can use stylish large bowls to put your keys, wallet and mobile in there. This way you can place them in visible positions on your tables.


The bare windows look beautiful if you live in a minimal industrial home, even though there vertical shades that will enhance the image of your space and emphasize its strict and simple lines.

In larger windows, you should choose curtains or shutters. Very large fabric-covered surfaces will make the room look wider.

If you want the place to look more luxury, you have to add at least two layers and creating layers. The outer fabric should be the most elaborate, while the interior, the lightest, and the more minimal. So, you can also choose how much light can comes into your living room. Cotton light-colored panels and cloth rolls will keep your annoying looks away from your home without limiting the light.

Whatever you choose, it should allow you to get as much light into your space as you choose it. So if your curtains can not be pulled over the window frame to the wall, but they cover part of the window when pulling them, choose light fabrics that will allow the light to pass through. It is important not to reduce the entrance of light in your home even from this area.

The lighting of your living room

The living room is a room that is used for many occasions, so you will need a good combination of fixtures. The most ideal thing is to have lighting from more sources than the basic one, which in some places will radiate cold and some other hot light, so you can change the appearance and lighting in your living room depending on the occasion and use. The floor lamps are so stylish, they give a lot of space in the room and they can light up small areas. Place them next to an armchair or the sofa. If you combine them with table lamps, they are ideal for reading a book or relaxing. Table lamps are more decorative; they will greatly illuminate the surface of furniture and highlight the objects around them. You can also place them in a different place any time you want.

If your roof is made of plasterboard, you can put secret lighting on it, but do not overact. Do not place the ceiling spotlights centrally of your space or in geometric shapes. Prefer some secret lighting that is suitable for the area.

Do not neglect to have a hidden ceiling lighting from plasterboard, which will also run parametrically and not centrally. So you will light up and show off not only the colors of the walls but also your curtains and windows.

In the center of each space and in the center above your dining room hang a ceiling lamp that is consistent with the style of the living room and can be from a very simple and minimal to a very impressive chandelier.

If your lighting is adequate and you do not want to mount a ceiling lamp, a stylish fan in the center of the room will do wonders in your decorative set. This fan can be from retro to very modern, but with nothing to be in the style of American saloon and with built-in fixtures!

For backlighting, place decorative lights in wall recesses.

Do you want to highlight a feature of your space? Or a favorite table? Think of headlights or other directional luminaires that can be placed not only on the ceiling but also on t

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