Returning to dating: you don't need new clothes, just recycle!

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We all need some form of companionship, even for the most hardened artists and crafters out there. while it is true that solitude can help us to create a safe space for our creativity, we still need other people's input in our lives. Since some of us spend so long doing our arts and less time worrying about our fashion, it is natural that we get caught out in an odd spot when a dating opportunity suddenly arises. We spend a lot of time and money on our crafting materials but less time buying clothes that are 'dating appropriate', but this doesn't mean that the clothes we have at our disposition are not appropriate for romantic meetings, even if they weren't bought with that intention in mind. However just like with crafting, it all comes down to recycling...


Find the shapes that fit you

The first thing to look at is the shape, you need clothes that work well with your body. Whilst skinny and muscly people can get away with tight t-shirt and trousers that hug their bodies and reveal their shapes (muscles, abs...), other people who are curvier will benefit from larger clothes just to feel more physically comfortable as they are wearing those clothes. So look into your wardrobe and look for clothes that are a good fit to your size and shapes. If your legs are your strong point, then highlight them with your favourite pair of trousers or even a shorter skirt. If your shoulders are your better feature, then use a shirt or even a vest that can accentuate that specific part of your body. You need to know what your better features are, so ask your friends and family for an honest answer about your looks and go from there.


Discover the colours that highlight your features

The next way to makes your best features stand out is to match your clothing colours with the colours of your body features. This can be as simple as wearing a blue jumper to highlight your blue eyes, or even wearing a red top to highlight your red lips. You don't need to buy new clothes for this, instead look at your existing clothes and pick the ones whose colour matches that feature you want to highlight. Check at this example of colour wheel if you're a bit lost about colour matching, it is all pretty straight forwards, nothing too complicated so you don't need to be a mathematical genius to figure it out!


Reach out to other people for your recycling

We are never the best experts when it comes to ourselves, and often the best advice comes from other people. The key is not to have our ego get in the way of some good advice, as we won't always hear the things we want to hear. So whether you're new at dating or you're dating in your later years, there is always something you can learn from others. But it is not just about advice, but also about potentially being able to borrow and use other people's unused clothes. Why buy new when you can find something as good for free. Also, you might find out that certain items of your friend's clothing where used during a successful date, so you could well consider wearing that specific item as long as it suits your shapes and colours.


Is clothing all about status?

Here's the thing about clothing: more often than not it is about status rather than looks. People dress up a certain way to reflect their incomes and success in life. This means that there are a lot of people that will judge you based on that aspect of your clothing, but if this isn't what you're about then don't worry, they're just not the right people for you. Instead look around for people that are a closer match to you and your character. Look for the people who dress in an original and crafty way, favouring aesthetics over cost. By being crafty with your clothes, you will be projecting the status of a person who loves arts and creativity, and in turn you will attract like-minded people. Status isn't all about money, but instead it's about making a statement that this is who you are. You are what you eat, but you are also the clothes on your back.




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