How to make your own beard balm?? A lovely gift

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What's the more manly than growing a big beautiful beard one lesson sit and making your own beard bah now you mightask yourself how am I going to make myown beard balm well stay tuned and I'llshow youhey guys welcome back to our Channelso

I think my beard out since Novemberof last year and one thing I think is alittle underrated is a good beard balmI've been using this beard butter byfresh beards and it works really wellI'm almost out of itit's about 25 dollars for a 4 ounce tubof it so it's fairly expensive before Iordered another cup of this I thought itwould be pretty easy to make your ownbeard balm I found a really good recipeon the manliness a good beardbalm will keep your beard moisturizedand it also gets rid of the itch I knowa lot of people have a big problem withthe itch under the skin when they startgrowing their beards out so really agood beard balm takes care of all thatokay so the first ingredient is going tobe beeswax

I use this ivory organicbeeswax color to be in wax is what'sgoing to harden when it cools off so weneed two tablespoons of the beeswaxokay the next ingredient is going to bea butter some people use cocoa butter Ichose to use shea butter so I use thisunrefined shea butter so you need twotablespoons of your butteryour butter is also what's going to makeit melt down in your hand so I've got mybutter and my beeswax in here I justneed to take it over to the stove soit's all melted down now and basicallythe recipe calls for 10 teaspoons ofcarrier oil your carrier oils or what'sgoing to give you nutrients to yourbeard and what's going to keep itmoisturized are going to is one of thebest oils you can use for your hair skinso I'm going to put four teaspoons ofargan oil next I'm going to use somesweet almond oil I'm going to do fourteaspoons of that so the last twoteaspoons I'm going to use thisgrapeseed oillastly if you want your beard balm to bea little bit scented you got to use someessential oil this one: "aceites para barba"

I'm going to usethis sweet orange and lime and see howthat turns outall right and it really it reallydoesn't take long for this stuff tostart set up it takes about 15 minutesand you'll see it start to turn whitethen after it hardens it's good to gonow I plan on using up some of thisstuff I've got 12 tins left so I'm goingto make a few more batches and fill upthe tinsOhokay guys so it's all set up I ended upmaking five different batches I doubledup a couple of the batches to save alittle bit of time I filled 14 10 and Ithink it took me baby maybe about anhour a little over an hour's to do thatthere's several advantages to being ableto make your own beard balm I felt 24 toounce tens of this stuff with about $60worth of products so huge saving factoryou guys ;)

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