4 Ways That Will Help You to Write and Proofread Your Essay

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Regardless of your major or your level of education, you can never escape at least one essay a semester. For a few students, writing an essay is the hardest thing they are to do in school. You can feel like you don't know what to write, or do not have enough information to come up with a good essay. However, here we have 4 essay hacks that will help write and proofread your essay without any struggle.

Know your paragraphs

 What defines an essay is the paragraphs. Each of your paragraphs must communicate a point. Put the main idea of the paragraph in the first sentence. This is called the topic sentence. Then you should prove or clarify your point in the sentences explaining why it is important for your question. This is called investigation. Make your paragraphs short. To do this avoid repetition of words or ideas in your paragraph. Do away with filler words. Any word that does not add weight to your point should not be used. Toward the end of each paragraph, connect back to the title or the question to remind your reader of what you are discussing.

Also, avoid using passive words. They make your essay look confusing. You had better use active voice. Too many adverbs do not go down well with readers.

Structure Your Essay.

Every point you highlight in your paragraphs must follow each other logically which refers us to so-called essay structure. Each of the points should expound on the point above it. First, you start with the introduction. Introduce the reader to what you are about to discuss. The body paragraphs will exhaust your ideas and then close with a conclusion. Decide on the structure before you start writing. This means that you have to write down the points as they follow each other so that when you start writing, you know exactly where to place each point and how to use them to enhance your essay. A decent structure is essential to an exposition since it enables you to state your points in an unmistakable and intelligible way, enabling you to fabricate your contention.

Syntax, punctuation, and tone of voice

You may not notice it when you're reading your essay, but refined sentence structures make a big difference about how intelligent you sound. When writing, make it easy for readers to understand you. You can still do this by using a range of interesting syntax. Vary your sentence structures, long and short, but don't make them too long that it becomes hard for the reader to understand what you intended to say.

Effective punctuation is vital. The exact opposite thing an educator or instructor needs to peruse is an article loaded with poor sentence structure. Also, make sure that the reader shouldn't need to peruse a sentence more than once to comprehend it. Moreover, take care of the tone you are using. Is your essay interesting to read through? Academic essays are mostly formal, but that isn't a reason for you to be boring. A warm and confident tone assures your readers that you know what you are talking about and that they are in safe hands.

Read your paper out loud.

After you are through with writing, read your paper out loud. This is one of the most effective methods to proofread your essay. You can notice errors you have not seen or heard when a sentence sounds excessively tedious. It helps your essay sound more natural.

Another proofreading strategy is to read your essay backward. This way your flow is going to be interrupted, and thus you will be able to investigate each word carefully. Likewise, you can have your friend read it through. Someone else can spot mistakes that you couldn't see for yourself.

With these tips, you will deliver an elegantly composed exposition effortlessly.

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