How to Make a Saint Patrick’s Day Feast

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Throughout the year, there are a myriad of holidays that are celebrated throughout the United States of America. Many of these holidays are ethnic holidays that truly embrace the multicultural melting pot of diversity that makes the United States of America so great. One of the most widely celebrated holidays within the United States is the exuberant Saint Patrick's Day. Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish-Christian holiday that people from all ethnicities celebrate throughout the United States. People celebrate by having parades, drinking green beer, and of course, having a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day feast. There is so much to do when planning for a Saint Patrick's Day feast. A few tips are listed below:



Plan Your Meal

As with all grand feasts, the Saint Patrick's Day's meal should be full of delicious food and drinks. Some of the traditional Irish Saint Patrick's Day foods include Irish soda bread, corned beef, and green beer (don't fret – green beer is just regular beer with green food coloring!). You can prepare these foods all throughout the day and the days leading up to the great festival. You can also make excellent side dishes for your feast, such as Irish mashed potatoes, and Irish cabbage. These will go excellently with your main courses and the tastes are sure to complement each other deliciously.  Celebrating with friends and family over a delicious meal is a great way to spend your Saint Patrick's Day feast.


Decorate Your Home

Another great way to truly liven up your Saint Patrick's Day feast is by decorating your home with Irish paraphernalia. You can put up Irish decorations all around your home; anything from little leprechaun figurines to large ornamental 3 leaf clovers adorning your walls will suffice! A way to truly spice up your Saint Patrick's Day feast is by creating a large banquet style tablescape for a family style meal, and invite all your closest friends and family for a grand old time.


Relax and Enjoy the Day

The Irish people have been resilient since immigrating to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They have struggled to become one of the most prosperous groups of people in the United States and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day is just one way to show your appreciation for this wonderful culture. By relaxing and enjoying the day with parades, merriment, and of course a large feast, you are doing justice to a formerly downtrodden people, who finally made it big in the United States.


Final Thoughts

With so many holidays throughout the year, it is hard to keep track of what to celebrate at what time of the year! Saint Patrick's Day is one of greatest and most enjoyable holidays on the calendar, and is easy to remember since it is one of the only major holidays in March. By planning your meal, decorating your home, and relaxing and enjoying the day, you are sure to have a wonderful and memorable Saint Patrick's Day feast this year!

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