Never use store bought peanut butter again: Homemade peanut butter how-to

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Ever look at the ingredients list on your peanut butter?

Here is the ingredients from Skippy's Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter courtesy of Skippy's website and the WritePaperForMe food experts:

  • roasted peanuts
  • corn syrup solids
  • sugarsoy protein
  • salthydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed, soybean, and rapeseed)
  • mono and diglyceridesminerals (magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, ferric orthophosphate, copper sulfate)
  • vitamins (niacinamide, pyridoxide hydrocloride, folic acid)

Now ask yourself first, what are all those ingredients? And more importantly, why are there so many? It's peanut butter.

Now there are "natural" brands you can buy but be careful, many of them still have unnecessary added ingredients. The only ingredients in your peanut butter should be peanuts, and maybe a little salt.

So why not make your own? You'll know exactly whats in it and there really is a big difference in taste from store bought. You can feel comfortable knowing exactly whats in your foodHere's the recipe, it's insanely easy. It will have you asking yourself why you didn't start doing this years ago.


  • 2 cups peanuts
  • optional: pinch of salt


  • Put the peanuts in a food processor and start to pulse.
  • Pause about every 30 seconds to allow the peanuts to release their oils.
  • You will start to see it get moist.
  • Continue this processor until you have a smooth texture.
  • And voila, that's it!

Note: store in glass jar in the fridge

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