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Aspire to Achieve More Through Creative Craft Art Project Idea

Self-help professionals have been noting the importance of outlining aspirations in order to reach achievement for years. That is the focus of this prompt.

Do you know what aspirations are? Believe it or not, few including Thewritemyessay know the different between aspirations and goals. So, it is worth noting here what the definition of an aspiration is:


The will to success (source: Now, when you have the will to succeed, things happen.

The focus of this art journal prompt is your will to succeed, or your need to develop the will to succeed. For this art journal prompt, you will need the following materials:


Art journal

Heavy-duty glue stick

Ballpoint pen

Post-it notes

Colored pencils, markers, or crayons

Magazines and catalogs


Follow these steps to complete this art journal prompt:


Open your art journal to the first blank page spread and set out the post-it notes in front of you. Using the ballpoint pen, write out all your aspirations. What do you aspire to be? Where do you aspire to live? Who do you aspire to become? Things like that should be what you are writing out. Do not worry about how fancy or messy your handwriting is.

After writing out each aspiration on a separate post-it note, use the heavy-duty glue stick to affix them to both sides of the page spread. Leave a small blank space next to each one. Do not worry if they are positioned straight, or in a pattern.

Flip through the magazines and catalogs. Find pictures, articles, texts, and advertisements that have to do with each aspiration you wrote out on the post-it notes. As you cut each one out, glue it down next to the aspiration it coincides with. If you have difficulty finding anything to match up with a particular aspiration, move on and leave it blank.

For all the aspirations left blank, use the colored pencils, markers, or crayons to draw out a picture that would be an accurate match. Do not worry if this is a perfect drawing. It can be a quotation, a poem, a small sketch, a doodle, or a very short journal entry. Whatever you want to do to portray this aspiration is completely up to you.

Using the colored pencils, markers, or crayons decorate around each aspiration and on any other blank areas left on the page spread. These decorations can include vines, swirls, and lines of swirling text, poetry, song lyrics, small doodles, or whatever else you would like to do. There are no rules!

That is all there is to this art journal prompt. Repeat the page spreads as often as needed to get out all of your aspirations and art them up. Have fun with this, write down even the things you think are silly, and do not edit yourself. Just let the words and the art flow!

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