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How to use your crafting skills for financial gains

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Crafting has become quite a popular hobby, especially for those who have a creative, artistic nature, as well as attention to detail. If your passion towards crafting has grown over the years, and you have developed extensive skills in this department, perhaps it's time that you start thinking about making some money out of this hobby. Although it might seem difficult to actually find buyers interested in your hand-made items, once you discover the best methods to attract people, you will see that things can become quite easy in this department. Here are a few powerful methods of using your crafting skills for financial gains, so read carefully:

Sell creation on Etsy

If you are fond of the hand-made and vintage industry, it's impossible to not have heard or visited the online platform - Etsy - at least once. This e-commerce website has managed to develop into an internationally known platform that allows users to access as well as sell a wide range of items, usually ones that fall within the vintage or hand-made category. With the expansion of the site, more buyers are accessing it daily, making extremely easy for novice artists as well as talented crafters to sell their work. Putting a few of your crafts up for sale on Etsy can be a great starting point in developing a business around your hobby. As long as your creations are posted on a website with high traffic, the likelihood of finding interested buyers is very high.

Sell them to a local, authentic barbershop

One option that your average crafter would not normally think about, so it can work in your favor, is to sell your hand-made items to local barbershops. Barbershops are known for their authentic, unique style, and once you walk inside you will be drawn to all sorts of interesting decorations, usually with a hairstyle thematic. Due to their artistic-keen eye, barbers tend to choose unconventional things, starting from their work attire and up to the way they decorate the place, so if you are able to craft something that fits somehow in the theme or the barber word, barbershops might become your constant customers. Even modern salons that are willing to invest in proper technology, appointment booking software products, but still want to maintain the authentic, unique nature of their business might just want to collaborate with you for the creation of barber-related crafting creations. From customized, handmade hairstylist aprons that will allow the barbers to give more original vibes to their salon uniform to wall artwork, present your local salons with something original and appropriate for this type of business, and you have high chances of making some great money out of it.

Photograph your creations professionally before posting them online

Regardless if you do decide to sell your hand-made elements on Esty or on any other e-commerce site, in order to compel buyers in actually giving the prospect of purchasing your creations their consideration, it's important to use visuals to your advantage. Besides writing carefully the regular product description the average user may or may not read, it's essential to draw someone's interest through the photos you post. For the first items you will put up for sale, it's advised to hire a professional photographer who will know exactly how to put the products in the best light possible. Over time, you might learn a fee photography tricks yourself, and invest in a professional camera – this will be extremely effective in increasing your crafting sales, so try to focus more on this aspect, and you will notice the positive outcomes it can provide quickly.

Advertise your skills on social media

Create accounts on social media platforms and use the channels to promote your crafting abilities. People nowadays spend a lot of time on the internet, and usually, many of their buys are triggered by the information they come across on social media. Starting from Facebook and up to Instagram, use each platform that you know has a global reach, and spreading the word around will be far more accessible. Posting your work regularly will have the role of catching users' interest, and in no time, your craftsmanship might become known among hand-made lovers not only from your city or country, but international ones as well. You can read a few articles on how to use social media for promotional purposes, and put the acquired insights to practice.

Attend trade fairs and shows

While catching the interest of buyers on the internet might seem difficult, considering how many people are already trying to put together a business out of craft selling, if your creations are good enough, it will be much easier for you to sell them by attending trade fairs and shows. Regardless if you choose fairs dedicated to hand-made designers or shows where all sorts of items are being sold, once you present attendees and customers with appealing items, which they are able to see in person, determining potential buyers to acquire your merchandise will become easier. Simply keep yourself updated regarding the upcoming events, which you have the possibility to partake in, and never hesitate to enroll. You will see for yourself that even a single day at a trade fair can leave you with quite a great amount of money in your pocket.


When you enjoy crafting, you do it with passion and are actually good at it, why not use your skills to your financial advantage and actually make some money out of your creations? There are various ways in which you can gain monetary benefits all without even having to put in that much effort. Regardless of what you like designing best, you will have the possibility to sell it if you resort to the right tricks. The few methods mentioned above are ones that will provide you with the highest odds of making an income with your crafting skills, so think carefully about these options and choose the ones that you think will work best for you personally. 

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