Handmade Jewellery: Adore not just artistry, but artisans too

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Handcrafted jewellery seems to have distressed in the last few years, with machine-made accessories taking a strong hold on the entire jewellery making industry. However, lately, people are waking up to adore the unusual beauty of the handcrafted jewellery by artisans. A shop without a handmade section is almost incomplete. The popularity of the handmade jewellery in recent years have increased so much that even the red-carpet jewellery is turning out to be handcrafted. In fact, the appeal of such ornaments is so strong that people are choosing it to wear on special occasions and not just daily wear.

Sterling silver and silver metals are the most favourite and popular when it comes to handmade jewellery. The uniqueness and the moulding properties that silver carries makes it more special among jewellery designers that they take an advantage by giving it incredible designs and patterns. Ornaments made of silver attract many buyers and investors also. Over and above there are many other advantages of buying handmade jewellery.

It has the huge advantage of allowing artisans to use their own creativity, that clearly reflects in the ornaments and create an attractive and pleasant feeling. Many believe that there is no personal pride in machine-made jewellery. Which is at some point in time is true because machine-made jewellery is imitable whereas the jewellery which is handmade is inimitable and is created in limited number. It's this feature makes it more unique and valuable. Not just to the wearer, but it is also giving an employment to a number of people or artisans who are creative, talented and skilful. When machines for jewellery making were introduced in the market, many designers were out of jobs. This new trend of handmade designer jewellery has again opened many doors for them to showcase their craftsmanship. Si indirectly the buyers of the jewellery are also contributing to the nation by giving them or letting them work for wages and a living.

There is no doubt about the fact that ornament which is handmade is more alluring as compared to the one which is machine-made. The personal touch that the artisan lends to these handmade jewellery pieces cannot be replicated by even the most complicated and advanced machines. It comes as no surprise that today more and more people and buyers are demanding and willing to purchase handmade jewellery.

Next time when you go to buy handmade jewellery, make a right choice with kind of designs, patterns and of course the craftsmanship. And also carefully consider the price of the jewellery and what percentage is being given to the labour involved in it.


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