Cooking at Home: 10 Essential Pieces of Gear That You Need

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Are you someone who is trying to upgrade your kitchen? Or are you new to the kitchen and don't know about the essentials yet? Trying to figure out which gear to have in the kitchen to make the cooking even more efficient? Then look no further. Cause this article will answer all your question.

There are some must-have life gears you need in your life to upgrade your cooking game. Now let's talk about them.

1. Blender:

A proper kitchen can't be thought of without a blender. Blenders help in making almost all kinds of juice, smoothies, and salads. It also comes handy in making meat puree. Grinding and mixing of spices are a lot easier with a blender. You can even use it for chopping.

There are some different kinds of blenders out there. You can pick a kitchen blender or a hand blender according to your need and budget. Check here for some idea on top rated blender for juicing.

2. Cast iron skillet:

An iron skillet is very versatile and easy to use. You can use it for literally any type of stove. From frying to making pizza, making grill of spaghetti, you can do almost every type of cooking with it.

Another good thing about iron skillet is it is very durable, thus not much care is needed. And the cleaning is also easy with it. Just throw it into the sink and rub with some regular dishwasher. Let it air dry afterward.

3. Saucepans:

Though the name suggests that it is for making the sauce, you can use it for pretty much everything. They come in different sizes. The smaller ones are best for making sauce, noddle, and spaghetti.

The bigger one can be handy with everything starting from rice, vegetables, sauce, and pasta to anything you want.

You can also use them for steaming the food. Just place a steamer rack inside and close it with the lid. This will make a good food steamer without any additional cost.

4. A good knife set:

You can't ever be a good cook without actually knowing your knives. Knives come in different size and shape. Each has its very own purpose. You have to use them accordingly.

The quality of the knife material also matters when it comes to performance. Invest in a quality knife set. You can use them in chopping anything like slicing the bread and meat, chopping the vegetables or fruits, mincing the gingers and garlic.

Be careful while using them though. They can be dangerous if you don't master the proper way of handling the knives.

Don't forget to sharpen them once in a while. And also take a good care of them. Don't just keep them in the sink to wash off later. This will make the blade dull a lot faster.

5. Chopping board:

Chopping boards are another kitchen essential. There are chopping boards of different materials. But go for the wooden or plastic ones they are more stable for daily use.

Make sure to use your chopping board keeping it on a flat surface.

6. Colander:

Think about all the vegetables you have to wash or about the pasta to drain. Isn't it's going to be troublesome? But don't worry. A colander is all you need for this chore.

They come in different size, shape and made with different materials. Go for the one with stainless steel with handle in it. This is easier to use and make your draining job way faster.

7. Grater:

Not that you will always have time to chop your food into nice little cubes or dice. A grater may come handy when you are in rush. All you need to is slide the vegetable on its surface and the food will be grated in and size in want.

There are different designs for graters nowadays. Some come in a set of all different type of cutting surface for multipurpose. Why not go for that one? You can buy specific grater for specific jobs like garlic grater only for garlic chopping. But make sure you are buying a stainless still one of good quality.

8. Mixing bowls and whisk:

For mixing all your salads, or cake dough ingredients you will need a mixing bowl for sure. You can also use them as a serving dish.

The material varies when it comes to the bowls. You can choose any from the stainless, glass or the plastic one.

 And if we are talking about mixing bowls then a whisk comes in the set. You need a whisk for all you're mixing. Invest in a good quality whisk. Take note of the length, material, and gripping portion of the wish before buying it.

9. Measurement cups and spoons:

Cooking is all about the right amount of ingredients. And to aid this process,

Measurement cups and spoons can be really handy. They come in set with all different size and shape. So just get yourself a set of measuring cups and spoons.

The cups are good for measuring the liquid ingredients. On the other hand, the spoons do the best when it comes to measuring the spices. They are super budget friendly as well.


Now that we are discussing all chopping, how about peeling? We all know how bothersome the peeling can be sometimes with knives. But a vegetable peeler can solve this problem for you.

Peeling vegetables like potato, cucumber, or fruits are way easier and faster with a peeler. There are many multipurpose peelers out there with different blades in them. Just find which one works best for you.

Final words:

Kitchen gears are all about quality and proper handling. So try to invest in the maximum good quality product you can go for in your budget. They will make your everyday cooking tasks a lot easier than before.

Use them properly with care. Don't forget to clean after each use and let them dry. This way the gears will last you a lifetime.


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