Luxury design ideas and decorating tips – DIY edition

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Even when people afford purchasing expensive houses, some still enjoy crafting their own decorations. After all, it has been proven that being involved in creative activities boost mental health and delays brain cell ageing and promotes a general state of well-being. Crafting is, for many, a lifestyle. So, regardless of how much you spent on your brand-new home, the decorating tips and tricks below, from the DIY edition, will certainly tickle your fancy and will make your house feel like home.

Accessories make great accents

Home décor magazines are a great source of incredible DIY ideas. From DIY photo frames, to DIY wall art pieces and other incredible accent details, these can make an enormous difference. While the accessories featured in magazines can incline on the more expensive part of the spectrum, you can always create your own more affordable versions. DIY quilt pillows are, for example, an incredibly affordable version of those highly expensive ones that you will see in magazines. As a passionate crafter yourself, you might have all the necessary resources already. And most likely, you are the happy owner of a sewing machine. This will make the whole process easier, as you won't have to sew by hand your décor elements. For those accessories that are impossible to replicate, consider discount stores as your reliable option. Improvise and try to replicate those looks that seem to look best in the general design of your home. You can create even your own furniture piece by recycling and upcycling what you have laying around.  

Update the fixates to make your home look classier

Updating old fixtures, even when you purchase it from a luxury property off market agent in London, will make the whole property look and feel like home. While contractors do pay increased attention when selecting those, changing them with ones that appeal to your preference and aspirations in terms of general design. Knobs, drawer pulls and handles can really bring a more luxurious air to the general design of your home, and while these are not a crafty project per se, you can still replace those yourself and feel like you bring your fair contribution to improving the way your home feels and looks.

A DIY backsplash is a perfect way to jazz up your kitchen

Your modern kitchen might not need furthermore improvements, but if you want to add a more personal air to the general look, you can always jazz things up with a crystalized glass tile backsplash. This will definitely make your property appear more luxurious, regardless of the fact that it might already meet this demand. In most of the cases, these elements are easy to install, making a perfect Sunday afternoon project. You can involve your children, depending on their age. However, this will definitely make your new house look classy and luxurious, comparable to those houses featured in interior design magazines.

Repurpose bookshelves

While bookshelves can still be used for their original purpose, they can also be turned into a display area for some of your creations and maybe some of the artwork that you gathered in time. Even if you consider purchasing one of those exclusive homes in London, you can still adapt the furniture and repurpose it as you wish. While you want to create an eclectic, intricate design, the main rule you should bear in mind is to keep it neat and tidy. This, alone, speaks volumes about your taste in terms of interior design sense and style.

Add a touch of luxury to your walls

Walls, on their own, can become boring and lifeless. While you can add some art pieces at any given time, it would be a stunning idea to consider creating your own "fleur-de-lis" stencils and panting the patterns on a wall. In metallic shades. For many, this may seem like an extra mile to take in their creative process, but for a crafty individual like yourself, this might be the single pleasing approach that you can adopt when it comes to your walls. For the background, stick to simple, neutral shades and nuances. Those make everything come together and create a more cohesive design. Colours like grey, beige or ivory make perfect choices when in doubt. Deep colours also seem to work, but only for the bold and courageous ones of us. If you have your doubts, always go for neutrals.

While you can still afford to invest in elements on the more expensive side of the spectrum, it's always a great idea to create your own version of those. The process is a rewarding one, as well as calling, creating your own décor elements might turn out to be your favourite activity, after all, so give our suggestions a shot.


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