How to Build Your Own Gas BBQ

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So you've decided you want to buy your very own gas BBQ. You could spend hours poring through websites about the best grills for your budget and lifestyle - but why do that when you could build your own custom gas grill to your unique specifications? Here are all the steps you should follow to create your own gas grill with safety, precision and ease. All it takes are a few trips to the hardware store and some sheer determination, and you should be busy barbecuing in no time! 

Step One: Set a Budget

Before you even consider building your own gas BBQ, you'll want to set a budget for how much you and your partner are willing to spend on the project. Buying parts and adding features can quickly rack up a steep bill, so be sure to set this budget before you start seriously looking into building your own BBQ. 

One important caveat to remember? No matter what, building your own BBQ is expensive. Gas grill heads run for about $4,000, so don't expect it to be cheap - but do expect it to be worth the price tag when you taste that first freshly seared steak. 

Step Two: Visit Your Favorite Hardware Store

Once you've set your budget, it's time to start buying parts to build and assemble your very own grill. Many hardware stores have plans available for free to help you achieve your dreams of a handbuilt BBQ. However, visiting a store you're familiar with might make your job a bit easier - especially if you're well known to a sales associate who can assist you in your endeavors. 

Another option you may want to consider is purchasing a book to aid you in your quest to build the perfect grill. One read from Amazon that may help? The Sunset Barbecue Book, which is your ultimate guide to planning, building, setting up and cooking on your brand-new BBQ grill. 

Step Three: Build Your Grill

Once you have all the parts you'll need, it's time to assemble your grill! Follow the instructions in a book or guide from your local hardware store - or check out this guide from Do It Yourself for the step-by-step instructions on assembling your grill.

Most importantly, here are some important safety tips to follow while building and assembling your DIY Gas BBQ: 

● Wear safety goggles and an insulated grill jacket. Working around combustible materials requires the utmost care to ensure your personal safety. Protect yourself from any flames that may ensue with safety goggles and an insulated grill jacket!

● Do not build enclosed storage beneath your grill. According to The BBQ Guys, many people plan to build enclosed storage beneath their grills for convenience, only to discover that they now do not have room for the important plumbing materials they will need to make their BBQ work properly. 

● Use a digital oven thermometer when barbecuing. Lastly, you'll want to be careful about the temperature you use your new BBQ at - which means using a digital oven thermometer to make sure your grill reaches the perfect temp. Not only do you want to make sure your grill is not too hot or too cold, but you'll want to memorize the perfect temperatures to cook your meats at for the ultimate level of juicy tenderness! Mmm, mmm, mmm….

If after all that you don't think your up to building your very own gas BBQ, why not check out what ready-made BBQ's are available? Here is a great round-up of the best out there. I'm sure it will taste just that bit better if you make your own though!

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