How to Travel to the Middle East

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The Middle East. While in recent years this geographic area has become synonymous with violence and war, that does not rule it out as a destination to travel to. Truth be told, much of the violence in the area is overexaggerated by western media outlets and while of course there is violence occurring throughout certain parts of certain countries in the area, the majority of the region is safe to travel to for westerners. You may ask, why would I want to travel to the Middle East? The incredible ancient and present-day cultures, the delicious cuisine, learning about a different people. The list is endless. While travel to the Middle East may not be as popular as destinations like western Europe, it is still an extremely viable travel destination. Read below to find out a few tips when traveling to the Middle East:



Plan Everything in Advance

Even if you are a seasoned traveler, traveling to the Middle East is unlike traveling to other destinations, especially if you are a westerner. Depending on the country, there are numerous visa requirements that many people are unaware of that you need to learn about before your trip. You also need to be wary of the harshly hot weather in the region. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to endure high temperatures and may also not be allowed to wear certain revealing clothing, depending on the country you are in. You should also plan other items in advance as well, just as you would for any other trip, such as packing your clothing and personal items, booking an airport parking service, and informing your banks that you will be traveling abroad so they do not report suspicious activity on your credit cards.


Plan Out Your Itinerary

The Middle East is an expansive region spanning across a large land mass. From Iran to Israel, there is so much to see in the area and you need to plan out your itinerary in order to figure out exactly what you want to see. Some highlights include the ancient Port of Byblos in Lebanon, the "Tree of Life" in Bahrain, the Kuwait Towers in Kuwait, the Western Wall in Israel, and so much more. The number of ancient sites from antiquity mixed in with the modern day historical sites of the region are incredible to see for any traveler.


Final Thoughts

The Middle East is an incredible place to visit for all travelers. While you may initially be frightened by the prospect of travel within the Middle East because of the possibility of violence, just remember that as long as you know what areas to stay out of, you will certainly be fine. With incredible sites, delicious food, and hospitable people, the Middle East is a traveler's Mecca (no pun intended!) for any tourist. As long as you make sure that you plan everything in advance, from visas to packing lists, and plan out your itinerary properly, you are sure to have the best Middle Eastern vacation possible!

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