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It is possible that on more than one occasion you have invited your friends or family to eat, you have already prepared meat or fish, but one of them is late. It is then when we see that the main course, as well as the garrison, stays cold until there comes a time when it loses all grace; if we reheat them, we will have a dish that will have lost all its characteristic flavor.


A good solution are the dish warmers with candles that will help maintain the temperature of the dish and, in addition, by not connecting to the electric current, they will not have an associated energy consumption.


The material of the surface of these elements is a crucial criterion that we must know before we opt for none in particular: we recommend aluminum that have the ability to spread the heat and keep them for much longer.


The mechanism of these devices is quite simple: you just have to put some candles inside, which, as the wax is consumed, will increase the internal heat and, thanks to materials such as aluminum, will continue to distribute evenly.

We recommend that you choose a "hotplate with candles" that has what is known as "extinguish candles"; the idea is that we can handle them from the outside in order to avoid any kind of risk. In addition, some models have cold handles (that is, handles that are not susceptible to high temperatures) so we can get to move them even when they are in conditions of very high temperatures.


A very important criterion that should also be contemplated of the candle warmer is its dimensions and its weight: it is advisable to always choose a compact design so that, once we have used it, it can be stored easily in the kitchen to give it a new use for the future. There are some very comfortable models that give us the possibility of stacking them in the closet.


Once we take into account the above criteria, the style and color of the candle warmer is also important: as a special recommendation, we tell you that a very good idea is to choose a model that matches our tableware. In our section we have different models and styles, so it will not cost you to find the one that best combines with it. From colors of Chris aluminum, shiny steel, matte steel, as well as different colors and materials like that.


Last, but not least, you should choose a model that has always been manufactured by the main brands of the market: this way, its maximum resistance will be encouraged over time and, in addition, it will prevent any type of problem in your structure at an unexpected time.


Why you buy candle warmers in our online store?

We not only work with the best brands, but we also do the impossible to guarantee the best market prices. We have models for all types of pocket: regardless of whether you want a simple and best candle warmer, as a more advanced model with more complex functions, we have them available.


In addition, we like that the client knows at all times what they are buying and, for this reason, we specify the information of all our products in their article form to the maximum.


And these are just some of the maxims that ensure the highest quality of our online store.


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