how to choose the best tankless water heater

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tankless water heater

tankless water heater

I have a tankless and here are somethings to consider.

  • Natural Gas or Electric. You can get an electric whole house tankless units but they will not have same output as a NG or Propane ones do.

  • Is the tankless big enough to supply all the showers during the winter? You gotta remember in the winter the incoming water will be somewhere around 40F. To supply your hot water at 120F it will have to raise it 80F. The bigger the delta difference the slower your unit will supply the water.

  • There will be a delay every time the hot water gets turned on. The unit itself will take a 1-2 seconds to start up. So it will take longer for the hot water to reach your faucets.

  • Tankless unit do better at continuous supply of water. It does not like having the hot water turned on and off in short bursts. The units normally will not turn on until it see a .5 gallon flow rate but every time you turn on the hot water, it will have to go through the start up procedure and then the stop procedure.

  • Will you put a recirculation system to your furthest faucet? If so put this on a timer. No reason to heat up the water in the pipe when you are at work. This goes for both tank and tankless units.

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