How To Keep Wood Burning Without Any Interruptions

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: Everyone likes to keep their firewood Perth burning during a camping trip or when at home in a cold weather. Lighting wood is a great way to heat your home or your campsite. You can easily build back your fire when it starts to dwindle. Unfortunately, many people who wish to do this don't know how to do it. Follow this guide to know how to keep your fire burning.

Keeping your fire burning outdoors

You can get small bits of wood such as tinder and kindling to keep your fire burning easily. You can get tinder to burn even when there is a small spark. You can use kindling to sustain your fire. If you have both, you can make a durable fire.

Dry wood

Make sure all the wood you use to light a fire is completely dry. If the firewood has moisture, it gets harder to keep the fire going. Wet wood will only generate a lot of smoke. If you don't have dry wood, you can use extra tinder and kindling to deal with moisture.

Start your fire with softwood and sustain it with hardwood

Both softwood and hardwood can be very useful. Softwood makes it easy to build fire. Hardwood burns for long and can keep your fire going. If you want to sustain your fire, use hardwood.

Keeping a fire going in the rain

You can keep your fire burning in rain by focusing on burning firewood Perth in a small pit. Wrap your wood in a warm towel before attempting to burn it. Use smaller sticks and logs to keep the fire burning. Smaller logs are easier to light than bigger logs. If you have an axe you can split the bigger logs into smaller pieces. You can use waterproof matches or gas lighters to light up the fire in rain.


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