Technology Advancements In Camera Drain Inspection That You Should Know

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Technology advancement has made the use of CCTV drain inspection very easy. All businesses depend on the smooth running of their drainage systems. Without proper drainage, businesses will be shut down. Damage in drainage systems and pipes can be very expensive for a company to repair. They can halt some operations in the business. It is therefore important to keep things running by inspecting your pipes and drains with cameras.

Old fashioned methods of drain inspection

In the past, large areas of the ground were dug up to assess the area in the case of a blockage. Nowadays, cameras can be used to locate the exact point of the problem without any excavation. The most common CCTV inspection tool is the push rod camera for many companies. This is a small camera mounted on a flexible rod. The rod is then pushed down the drain and images of the drain are sent back to a monitor where the operator can see and evaluate the pipe. CCTV drain inspection Auckland is accurate and less time-consuming.

Components of camera drain inspection

Drainage and pipe inspection systems are made up of different components such as a rod that carries the camera, the camera itself, and a cable that runs back to the monitor. Cameras are used to locate the exact point of damage and to oversee cleaning. This is the simplest design but if the task is more detailed then more advanced systems may be used.

The length and the depth of the pipe don't restrict drain inspection when using CCTV drain inspection. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that the drains are functioning without any problems. This will help to prevent future drain problems and minimize the costs of drain repair. It is important to maintain plumbing and prevent any problems before they even occur.



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