Why Sails Should Be Stored in a Safe Place

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It is recommended to store shade sails in a safe and secure place for various reasons. Sails can be very expensive to buy and people buy them for different reasons. Some people buy them to install them permanently on their patio or their backyard. Others buy them to use them only for particular reasons. Irrespective of your reasons, you should store shades in a safe place. Storing them helps you to keep them away from damage during the winter months when you are not using them. There are some companies that provide a storage facility for shades but you can easily store them by yourself. Here are some benefits why you should store your sails.


Extend their life

Storage of sails prevents them from exposure to UV rays. You can extend the life of your sail by 40 percent by storing it for five months. Sails get weakened by UV rays. It is, therefore, important to store them when you are not using them instead of leaving them outside to be exposed to the sun which weakens them with time.


Reducing the risk of damage

Leaving your sail outside exposes it to the risk of damage. Fruits, leaves and other debris may fall onto the sail and tear it or weaken it. Storms can also tear your shade sail NZapart if you leave it outside. Strong winds can also weaken and damage your sail. For this reason, it is recommended to store your sails in a safe place to prevent them from being damaged.


Reduce the probability of mould growing on the sail

During winter, there are high chances of mould growing on your sails. Mould can reduce the quality of your sails and make it pale. It can also make the sail to stink. You can prevent this by storing your sail in a dry place where mould cannot survive.


How to store your sail

Before you store your sail, it is important to know the best way to store it. You should clean your sail with domestic detergents, water and a soft cloth. Avoid using high pressure pumps to clean your sail because the high-pressure water can tear the sail apart or remove the water-resistant layer from your sail. This will make your sail to allow water to seep through. After cleaning your sail with a piece of cloth and water, you should make sure that it is dry. Just spread it on grass or somewhere clean to let it dry. Never store your sail while it is wet or dirty.


After drying the shade sails, fold them the same way they were folded when you bought them. Most sails come in a bag and it is best to return them in the bag they came in before storing them. Make sure the place you store your sail is clean, dry and free from disturbances. It shouldn't be a busy store where people come to pick things because some people can mishandle your sail and damage it. 

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