What's in Your Crafting Cupboard?

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Youve heard about ours in Quick Stuff to Make. Now tell us about your favorite crafting supplies.

You've heard about ours in Quick Stuff to Make. Now tell us about your favorite crafting supplies.

Photo: Sloan Howard

We told you about our latest obsessions in Quick Stuff to Make's "Craft Candy" section. Now tell us what floats your crafting boat here.

Maybe you can't craft without your lucky pincushion, that just-right brand of yarn or a super-sharp rotary cutter. Or perhaps your craft candy comes in the form of an inspiring best friend or production-enhancing iPod playlist.

We want to know what makes you craft. Post your comments here!

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Comments (5)

skensinly writes:
Posted: 4:04 pm on September 20th
SimplySis writes: I feel like I am in my own little heaven now that I have found CraftStylish.com. Here are ooddles and ooddles of people like me that find themselves creating and sharing and having fun and making peace with their dreams.

I have a spare room that has become my "studio". There are separate tables for my sewing section including a Janamoe 11000 that I am trying to learn how to use; a beading assembly area; bookcases for magazines, storage baskets and some inspiration goodies, another table for drawing stick figures and my button collection. Under two of the tables I have pillows for my "babies", Petra a Minature Schnauzer and Annie an 11 month old Bichon. If that isn't enough I have my lovebird "Shalom" swing from his perches. My granddaughter organized all my pincushions this spring by color and type. I did it just to keep her busy but it has been so handy to know where those extra long pins I need for quilting.
Posted: 6:36 pm on August 9th
hollandcox writes: As far as practical tools, I have four pairs of scissors that each have specific uses, the most versatile being my tiny embroidery scissors. I can't sew without them, even though technically I could use any scissors to snip thread and what not. I have very clear memories of my mother threatening my life if I dared to use her good sewing scissors to cut paper. That experience is definitely the source of my reverence for my scissors!

My sewing machine does not face my TV, but sometimes I like to listen to DVD commentary while I sew, from favorite movies that I've seen dozens of times. I also love to let my ipod shuffle among my XTC collection.
Posted: 10:44 am on June 12th
RachelPhilips writes: Making my own bias strips has been a very useful skill for color matching as well as value. Here's a link to a bloger who explains it all in great detail.


Posted: 5:01 pm on June 9th
Jen_W writes: I craft a LOT in front of the TV. I have my American Idol cabled hat, my Project Runway crystal ring, my Pride & Prejudice heirloom necklace, my drunken What Not to Wear scarf that I absolutely do wear, you get the idea. I also find that my grandmother's tiny pair of stork-shaped sewing scissors come in handy with most of my handicrafts.
Posted: 3:02 am on May 31st
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