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The Ultimate Sewing Room The Ultimate Sewing Room

Where most might consider something to be a horrible mess, I want to find and capture those small, but extremely significant, beauties among the wreckage of life.  Sewing helps me remember that I have an identity, and a gift of perfect love that conquers all.  I pray that my handywork would be a pinhole for people to glance through and see these truths.


I hope to capture not perfect stiches and pristine hems, but bring to light the beauty that can be found in the everyday “mess”, or journey, of life.  I believe that the most enchanting and enlightening pieces of work are not only found runways or boutiques, but in the magic of your own sewing room, the people you live with, or the scrap pile in your house.


Pattern or design used: The Ultimate Sewing Room Challenge
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Comments (1)

Poppy7 writes: Wow! That's deep, man! Beautiful! Right on!
Posted: 9:00 am on February 16th
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