Moving to Jaipur? 5 Areas Best known for Residency!

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Relocation to another destination could be relatively more difficult than you would think. Among the several aspects that you would be required to consider when moving toAnother destination, the foremost would be that of residence. It would be pertinent to mention here that residence would be your foremost consideration in another place. However, with the world of the internet at your behest, finding a desired home would be easy for most people. All you would require knowing is to have a computer, internet connectivity and knowledge on the popular places for your residence buying needs.

In event of you were contemplating on moving to Jaipur, you should rest assured that findingdesired home in the Pink City would be easy. Jaipur has become the quickly growing cities of the Indian subcontinent. Sometime ago, there were only a few residents staying in the walled city. The major economy of the city was based on gems and jewellery business. However, tourism added to the economy of the city largely.

Withthe passage of time, a majority of industries and IT sector begin to establish its base in Jaipur. It would not be wrong to suggest that the population of the city has been growing ever since. Numerous people prefer to stay and work in Jaipur rather than in Delhi or NCR because ofthe perfectly placed location of the Pink City.

Let us delve on the five best residential areas in Jaipur for your home buying needs.

  1. C-scheme

It has been a popular and posh locality in the city to reside in. You should search for a residential apartment in this area of the city. It is in proximity to SMS Hospital, St. Xavier School and near to the Central Park, Statue Circle and MI Road.

  1. Mansarovar

It has been a lively place in the region. The place has been offering the potential home buyerwith plenty of amenities nearby. You would have a variety of restaurants, schools, colleges,hospitals, cafes and shopping malls. With recent Metro connectivity, the place has become acrowd puller.

  1. Ajmer road


During the past five years, Ajmer road has witnessed huge improvement with respect toinfrastructure and residential areas. Some of the top notch real estate companies and builders have been taking projects in an attempt to change the skyline of the city. In case, you were looking forward to buy flats in Ajmer road, it would be an appropriate time for you to invest money in it.

  1. Jagatpura

The property rates have been touching new heights with each passing day. However, Jagatpura has been one of the best places in Jaipur that would offer you with affordable housing to suit your lifestyle needs. In case, you were searching for flats in Jaipur having good connectivity to other areas in the city, Jagatpura would be your ideal choice.

  1. Civil Lines

Civil lines were military cantonment area that has been transformed completely. It offers thickgreenery, closely located to train junction and international airport.


There are many other areas where residency works best such as Malviya Nagar, Vidhydhar Nagar, Raja Park, etc. Jaipur is a beautiful place with opportunities barging in. If you are also planning to shift to Jaipur, keep these locations in mind.

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