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Our bangles looked like this after we wrapped them. What do yours look like?
Feel free to get fancy with your wrapping supplies if you want to.
Start with glue on a bare bangle. It helps to coil your yarn so it doesnt get tangled.
Our bangles looked like this after we wrapped them. What do yours look like?

Our bangles looked like this after we wrapped them. What do yours look like?

Photo: Zach Desert and Burcu Avsar

Some of the hottest accessories on the market this season are bangle bracelets wrapped with yarn or thread in bright, shiny, punch-colored hues and subdued earthy tones bursting with texture. The good news is that these coveted bangles are super-easy to make, and the process is super-creative. All you need to do is pick out some fun ribbon, trim, yarn, or embroidery thread, choose a design, and then wrap away.

You can keep it simply chic with one material in a solid color, or get creative with bold combinations and using various twisting, knotting, and wrapping methods.

Twist, braid, or knot a cuff cover

The first step is to chose a design. You can use any kind of yarn, trim, or ribbon that strikes your fancy - in any combination you like. You can wrap it plain, knot it, knit it, or twist it for enviable results.

Feel free to get fancy with your wrapping materials if you want to.

Wrap it up

Once you've got your design picked out, it's time to wrap your fabric around the bangle.

Tip! Wrap Savvy: Pulling long strands through the bangle as your wrapping can be a tedious task. To simplify, wrap the strand around your hand to create a "ball" of yarn that can be easily worked around the bangle.

1. Dot a line of glue inside the bangle. Hold the fabric tail (yarn, ribbon, or trim) in the glue for a few seconds to bond them. You'll need about 3 yards of thread or yarn. The length required depends on the size of the bangle and the weight of the yarn.

Start with glue on a bare bangle. It will hold the yarn in place so you don't have to.

2. Wrap your yarn or trim around the bangle. If you run short, simply cut more yarn or trim, and glue it inside the bangle as you did the previous length of fabric. Wrap the bangle, keeping the strand taut as you go.

It's bangle-wrapping time!

3. At the end, add a few drops of glue to the bangle. Hold the last wrap in the glue for a few seconds to secure it.

Don't forget a few drops of clear-drying glue when you finish wrapping.

Supplies & Sources

-Wooden Bangles (DIYBangles, Etsy)

-Craft glue, such as Craft Bond (Michaels, Joann)

-Embroidery floss, yarn, or trim (Any craft, yarn or trim shop)

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kisa995818 writes: I made something like this recently but I need a clasp/crimp bead to secure all the yarn. I wrapped brightly colored yarn around tiny thin metal bangles. They are secure enough with the glue I used but I want to give them as gifts to belly dancer friends of mine and I need something to make them indestructible. What I need is a tube of metal, open along one side, that I can place the bangle into and then close with pliers to hold the ends of the yarn in place. I can't find this anywhere. Can anyone help?
Posted: 12:04 pm on June 29th
GenevieveC writes: These are cool! I made something similar a while back. I used Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn and glue dots. In addition to bangles, I made matching pendants using a similar method with wooden curtain rings.

Photos here:
Posted: 7:43 pm on July 23rd
Shawnee101 writes: This technique would be awesome for napkin rings too!! Great job hun!
Posted: 3:35 pm on September 10th
mdfigueroa writes: This is a great project.
Posted: 1:03 am on August 22nd
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