Small Kitchen Design: Keep it Functional and Chic

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kitchen design

kitchen design

Not all women are so lucky to have spacious kitchens where they can enjoy the preparation of tasty meals for their loved ones without feeling too cramped and suffocated. However, only because your kitchen is small, it doesn't mean that there is nothing you can do to improve it. Here is a list of small kitchen design ideas that will definitely help you keep it functional and modern. Let's take a look and the redecoration process can begin!

Don't go too crazy with the colour palette

You may love colourful patterns and interesting colour fusions, but keep in mind that your small kitchen is not an adequate place to introduce that many nuances. Instead, it's safer to choose a more neutral base and stick to it. Owing to this neat look, your kitchen won't appear to be overcrowded and messy which will have a positive impact on your mood and make you feel much more relaxed while cooking. Of course, you can always add a splash of colour by bringing in some nice home accessories which will inspire you to be even more creative. However, you should be careful here and opt for just a few of them since too many will just produce a counter effect.

Opt for custom-made solutions

If you really want your kitchen to be unique and fully functional, you need to consider numerous customized solutions. For instance, you can start by opting for custom kitchen joinery that will suit your needs perfectly. You just need to find experienced professionals who will listen to your ideas and turn them into reality in no time. Furthermore, small kitchens require smart storage solutions as well. So, if you have a family member with exceptional DIY skills, you can help them design a few shelves that will both look cool and make good use of vertical space while, at the same time, keeping your floor free. Finally, it's advisable to keep your pantry well-organised so that you can fit all necessary groceries in it, instead of letting them pile up around the kitchen. The best way to achieve this is by labelling all the items and keeping track of their expiration dates.

Choose art with personality

As already mentioned, certain home accessories can significantly improve the style of your kitchen. However, you need to try to choose unique art pieces which will reflect your personality the best and speak volumes about your great taste. For example, vintage-inspired pieces will add that traditional feel to your kitchen and create an inviting atmosphere which all family members will simply enjoy. Some of the favourites would definitely be an interestingly-patterned rustic vase as well as a beautiful vintage photo frame ideal for your dearest childhood snapshot. On top of that, the idea of displaying your set of pots and pans on the wall above the countertops is simply amazing. This design solution would be at the same time super-practical and absolutely chic. However, remember that before you even start considering incorporation of different home accessories, you must make sure to de-clutter this part of the house and keep it clean at all times.

Select lighting carefully

If your kitchen is small, selecting the right lighting options is definitely essential since bad lighting will make it look even smaller than it really is. With this in mind, you should invest in quality pendant lights and hang them above your sink and countertops so that you can see well while washing your dishes or dicing meat and vegetables. Furthermore, installing sconces above your shelves is a nice trick to add more brightness to the room and create an illusion of spaciousness. Finally, think about opting for LEDs since they are more energy-efficient and can also create a comfortable atmosphere due to the natural-looking light that they emit.

Remove cabinet doors

Last but not least, cabinet doors can make your kitchen look closed off and stuffed. Therefore, you can try removing them in order to open up this area a bit and give your kitchen some depth. However, if you decide to do this, you need to ensure that the items inside of your cabinets are well-organised so that they don't interrupt a nicely-balanced design of this part of the house. For instance, you can use textured baskets and jars that will both look stylish and make your kitchen 100% functional.


As you can see, having a small kitchen is not necessarily a downside, especially if you are ready to explore different ideas on how to design such a space properly and turn it into a more spacious and elegant one. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers here and that you are free to express your creative side and come up with innovative solutions that will turn your average-looking kitchen into your personal oasis of peace and relaxation.

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