The best tips and advice for new vintage fashion collectors

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There is a progressive rise in the demand for a high quality and stylish vintage clothing in Australia and it shows no sign of reducing anytime soon. After a lot of years of collecting vintage outfits for yourself and also buying inventory for vintage fashion businesses, you will be mindful of how the supply is steadily decreasing. This has brought about an increase in prices, particularly for period garments and vintage designer clothing in the best wearable form. So, if you are just starting to collect vintage fashion, here are the best tips that will help you expend your money cleverly and become a more understanding vintage shopper.


Take your measurements

The first thing you should do is to get yourself a tape before going for your next shopping trip and take your own measurement and know your size. This is beneficial particularly if you are planning to buy vintage clothes online as the clothing measurements are usually included in the explanation of the item. Most of the time items are not returnable or feature top-up fees attached when sending them back.  By knowing your size, you will simply be able to contrast them to the items you want to buy, therefore making sure you get a proper fit. Keep a tape measure also close to you so that you can measure the size of items you may find while out for shopping which, you cannot try there.


Consider your eras

Conduct a thorough study about vintage fashion to assist in you recognizing the distinctive style characteristics of certain eras when buying vintage dresses in Melbourne. Read books on vintage fashion. Magazines, fashion history and catalogues and even searches on the internet will disclose a wealth of information.


Know the type of body you have

Find out which era has a style most fitting for your exact body shape. By doing that, you will not be stuck in a vintage outfit that, will remain unworn in your wardrobe because it does not please you.


Make yourself familiar with collectable designer labels

Though it happens occasionally, vintage attires do get distorted by having designer labels stitched onto them to obtain a higher price. So it helps if you are familiar with collectable designers' labels and their styles. An online designer label resource for the vintage fashion guild is a very beneficial reference. Purchasing from a reliable dealer also certifies that you are getting what you paid for.


Look for tears and holds

Vintage suits and wool sweaters are liable to moth damage. A couple of unobtrusive moth bites are okay, but reweaving can be very costly. So you might want to keep away something with several moth holes. Vintage outfits can also have tears or holes. If they are big enough that they will be very visible even with professional expert repairs, then, leave the clothes on the rack.


This is all you need to know as a new collector of vintage clothing in Australia. This information should not only help you to buy them cheaply, but also to get options that will match your body type and shape the most, and also get durable options that will last in your wardrobe for a truly long time.

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