How To DIY A High End Wardrobe Of Accessories

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Fashion Doesn't Need To Break The Bank!

It's always fun to glam up your style with high-end accessories. Shopping is a way of life for some women, whether it's making large purchases or simply window shopping. However, most of us shoppers are on a budget and need to save money for vital necessities instead.

Luckily, crafty fashionistas have been making DIY style cool again. Looking good doesn't mean you have to go broke. Read on to find out how you can enhance your accessory collection with items you already own to stand out in a crowd.

Five High Fashion DIY Ideas

1. Bedazzle, bedazzle, bedazzle!

Mimic the look of expensive crystals with craft store rhinestones on everything from sunglasses to shoes. If you don't have a tool, use a regular pair of tweezers to glue on studs. It may take a while but the results are sure to impress. You can use a solid color or create a rainbow of designs to add excitement to an all-black outfit.

2. Recycle old clothing

You can cut up an old pair of jeans to make trendy clutches from the pockets. A bohemian purse can be mixed and matched with high-end accessories such as fashionable gucci handbags so your creative style stands out. Consider hemming a cut out collar from a polo shirt to wear with any top. Don't be afraid to practice on old shirts to make headbands, jewelry, and more! If you're already a clothing designer, those smaller scraps of fabric can go a long way.

3. Make new accessories from old accessories

Bobby pins can be combined and painted with nail polish to accent a chain necklace or turned into earrings with inexpensive facets. You can also wrap the colored thread around a belt buckle for a retro look. Glue funky charms on hair elastics for effortless pizzazz. The internet is a great place to find guides on ideas for crafting at home and cleaning up your clutter at the same time.

4. Rummage through your junk drawer

We all have a drawer full of items we never use. You can strand together mismatched buttons for a cool hanging necklace. Bend paper clips into simple rings or twist them together for a dramatic touch. Your junk drawer is also a great place to find tools for crafts, such as hole punchers and screw drivers. Look to old crafting books when you want to make a piece from the past.

5. Personalize your pieces

The beauty of high end accessories is that they're generally one of a kind and rare to behold. Your DIY accessories can be customized with your initials or birth year for a unique touch. Look to high fashion designers who make their pieces stand out with everything from old maps to retro logos. Consider crafting personalized bags and charms for gifts - who knows, you might make a business out of it!

Why Choose DIY For Your Accessories?

Apart from being easy on your wallet, the world of DIY opens new doors for creativity and uniqueness. Trends can be started when your designs stand out and you'll have people asking "where did you get that?"

High end accessories can be created from your own belongings or modeled from inexpensive items at the craft store. No matter your age or style, you'll love crafting jewelry and more at home and wearing them proudly to show off to your friends. Be creative and find inspiration from the runway and the pages of a fashion magazine.


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