The Importance of Research before Writing

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When selecting a topic, you usually have a rough idea on what your topic is about. However, before you can start writing, it is crucial to do research. Research is conducting a study and organized investigation on the subject or topic with the aim of building facts and reaching new informed decisions.

Research has to be thorough and polished for it to convey data that is relevant. Moreover, in education research is vital in contributing realistic developments, knowledge expansion and blueprint statistics so that both learners and professors can apply those research findings to enhance their knowledge in the learning and teaching process.


Items for research

  • Library

  • Books

  • Magazines

  • News papers

  • Text books

  • Notes

  • Internet

Nowadays one can easily conduct research over the internet. Nonetheless, not all information found online is factual information. Therefore, be keen and evaluate all the information you acquire relating to your topic before you include it in your essay.


How to conduct research

Students tend to forego research and go straight to writing claiming it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time they often have very little of. Research forms the entire basis of your article and lacking of it means you have no context to begin with. Even with limited time and resources, a barrier most students face, knowing how to research will definitely change your mind-set. Today you can even get custom essay writing cheap to do all your paper's research and you apply the information they provide you to draft your paper.


But if you decide to do it on your own, here are a few guidelines on how to conduct your research and get eh most out of it.

  1. Topic selection. Ensure you select a unique, engrossing topic with tones of data and that falls within your specified assignment. If you are having difficulty settling on a topic, you can consult your professor. After you identify your topic, pose it as a question, for instance, "Why is conducting research crucial before writing?" This will help you easily pinpoint the main idea to focus your research on.

  2. Initial research. Perform an overview research before the main research to see whether there is ample information out there to build content for your title.

  3. Find materials. Now that you've gained a sense of direction from your initial research, it's now time to dig in-depth on all your identified research sources. Remember to scrutinize your information and differentiate between factual, reliable and credible statements and false ones.

  4. Write notes. For easy referencing and remembrance. Remember to also note down your reference points such as URL, author, book title and publisher among other sources for your bibliography.

  5. Write your essay. Start arranging all the information you have gathered together with your ideas in a rough draft of the paper. This will help you plan and visualize how your final paper will be. Don't stop on the first draft. Revise your draft as many times as need be before deciding on the final drafts that you will present as your paper.

  6. Quote your sources correctly. Quoting your sources gives proper impute to the authors of where you sourced your data from and also enable your audience to site the sources that you enlisted. The commonly used formats for citations include APA and MLA. Failure to indicate your sources can lead to plagiarism.

A writing service conducts the research on your selected subject then provides you with a draft of the content which you can then use to write your paper in your own tone.

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