Tips to Gain Control of Your Craft Room

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One of the joys of crafting is the chance to create both something new (for yourself or someone else) and to play in the mayhem of your space. However, if the mayhem in your craft area is getting in the way of your play, it's time to create an organization plan that will work both now and moving forward.


Few crafters function only in one medium. If the beads are getting tangled up with the yarn, your first step is to consolidate so you can then organize your supplies.

For example, if knitting is your thing, you may want to organize your yarn by project, weight or color. Do you buy yarns for a specific project, or just stock up when it's on sale and then find a pattern you love? Your yarn-buying and project-choosing style will have a strong impact on your best yarn-storage decision.

Invest in Clear Storage Containers

Part of crafting is the joy of taking something old and making it new again. This thrifty style of design and creation may spread across your storage choices. If you've got boxes, tins and odd containers loaded with things you have forgotten about, it's time to invest in some clear plastic storage containers. Plastic baskets with an open grid pattern can also work.

Quilters often find that fabrics can get forgotten at the bottom of a box or wicker basket. By keeping your fabric stock visible, you can easily plan your next project and use up what you've got!

Don't Stack

Too much stacking in your craft area turns the whole process of starting a new project an archaeological dig. Before you give up and just go buy new supplies, make sure you're not limiting your own creativity by piling up too many things.

If you need inspiration, check out your local craft store. Their shelving is customized to the height of their products. If you need short candles from their storage warehouse, you don't have to move tall candles to get to the short ones; the short candles have their own shelves.

Whenever possible, avoid piling one product on top of another.

If You Must Stack, Label

If you love storage in tins, the stacking rule will be broken repeatedly. For example, spools of thread fit beautifully in butter cookie tins, as to lengths of elastic. If you know you're going to stack, be sure and label those containers so you don't have to open every container to find the right shade of red thread.

Stay Consistent

If you're using plastic bins, be ready to invest in another one when you need. A collection of similarly sized bins in a row is restful and inspiring; multiple bins mixed with cardboard boxes is a mess and will make your space feel out of control.

It's also important to consider the weight of your storage area. Where is your workspace? Where are the big storage containers? Do you hang any of your projects?

If you can keep one section of your craft area consistent, go ahead and get a little (creatively) messy with another section. Evenly lined up storage bins are restful to the eye, so why not mount a bulletin board where you can mount patterns or even pin up lengths of fabric for inspiration?

Your craft area is a spot to relax, focus, work and play. By imposing some order on the space, your creative powers will be much easier to focus. Pay attention to your favorite crafting projects, arrange your space so that each project line has its own area, and have fun!

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