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The online has become a constant race for survival, and the websites which take the longest to adapt to changes are the first to fail. Keeping yours on top in any search engine inquiry, becomes a real struggle.

No amount of study on how to improve your website's standings, on how to make your content more visible and get higher traffic can be enough. The education in this domain mainly consists of self-learning and lessons coming from self-made mistakes. But we've managed to gather up some information on how to successfully create super boosting content, as follows.

Nothing beats quality

The main focus should always be writing quality content. Check the quality of the information your website provides to users. Keep away from too much fluff. Given that time is of the essence, users prefer concise data.

Have SEO oriented content with keywords relevant to your business. Don't abuse these keywords though, as search engines have some clearly stated rules about it and you could easily hurt your stats.

If creating concise, informative content isn't your cup of tea, you should consider applying for help to some professional writing services. If the qualitative information is what you require for your articles, consider review of paperell.com choice. These authors manage to accomplish much more complicated tasks, such as admission essays, so they'll surely do great at writing a series of articles on a given topic, using your desired keywords.

A dynamic content website is bound to attract more devoted users than a static content one. Be sure to have a news category and to periodically update it, in order to keep the interest peaked at all times.

And don't forget who you're addressing to. You need a way with words as one of your followers would like to read. Basically, don't write like one of the students writes his reports, but on a closer note to how a student who tutors another fellow student would.

Looks also matter

Give increased attention to the way the content looks on the webpage. You need to attract interest and using a format, designed to keep the user on your page, is what you desire. For that, it would be useful to:

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs. More words mean more hustle for the one that reads. Keep it simple. The same with phrases all bound together that give the impression of a crowded page. Aerate your ideas so they can be easily followed.

  • Use headlines. For those who just want to extract or review a certain idea from the text. They shouldn't have to go through all of it again.

  • Make it easy to read through the lines. The ability to scan a text and extract the main points should be aided by the way you format the info and highlight the important ideas. For example, write numerals as numbers. This way they better hold your eye, because they look different from the rest of the text.

Adapt to their needs

Define what your followers are expecting to get from your site and adapt your content accordingly. There are more typologies to look out for:

  • Users who are looking for inspiration, new ideas, or constant updates in a certain niche

  • Those who are looking for guidance, support and answers on a specific topic or domain of activity

  • The users who are tired and bored with their daily routine and want only to get in a better mood and be entertained

  • Followers interested in being social-media active, meaning they want content to share while also being in trends

Your website should focus on which typology better fits its users and create articles to respond to these expectations. As an additional tool, you can use the pay-for-click advertising, for better targeting of specific users. And finally, don't neglect the importance of off-line SEO. Make your content available to opinion makers and social-media stars, because nothing brings more bulk followers to your site than a mention from these guys.


Quality information, easy to decipher and easy to find data, focused on your user's expectations, with a little online and offline SEO help- these are the key to success.

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